Inquiry into the Economics of Climate Change

We have been waiting for nearly a year to see our submission to the Treasury Select Committee published. It was entitled “Green Credit for Green Purposes” and was in response to the Stern review that investigated the economics of climate change.

As a pdf file, this Stern review report is a shortened version of the printed book, where, on page 62, the Forum is mentioned as a one-line submitter in position 5.

The printed document, however, contains all our 63 paragraphs that include 3 graphs from Aubrey Meyer’s work on Contraction & Convergence.

It is available for £24 from the Parliamentary Bookshop in Westminster.

On-line it can be ordered here.

Please note that FEASTA‘s submission is reproduced as evidence no. 18 from page Ev 125 and one paragraph on Ev 126.

All other submissions come from companies whose approach would be ‘business as usual’ or shall we say ‘capital as usual’?


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