UN Meeting on Sovereign Debt

All participants in the FfD Review Sessions coming from governments, international institutions, NGOs and the private sector are invited to join the discussion on

Monterrey Consensus Review Sessions: “External Debt”



Date: Monday, March 10, 2008

Time: 1:15 – 2:45 pm Location: New York, UN Headquarters, Conference Room 9

Purpose of Event: The Monterrey Consensus recognized the need for “fair burden sharing” in resolving debt crises and “would welcome consideration by all relevant stakeholders of an international debt workout mechanism to restructure unsustainable debts in a timely and efficient manner” (para 51; 60). But we do not yet have such an orderly and fair debt workout mechanism. This round table discussion seeks insight on what is needed institutionally and in terms of normative standards for debt restructuring, as well as how to bring them about.

Moderator: Bro.Steve O’Neil,SM; NGO Committee on Financing for Development

Discussion Facilitators:

Vitalis Meja, Afrodad

Ilena Morales or Romulo Torres, Latindadd

Jean Saldanha, CIDSE

Neil Watkins, Jubilee USA

Eva Hanfstaengl, Erlassjahr Germany

Benu Schneider, UN Financing for Development Office

Barry Herman, The New School, a University

Contact: brosteve@marianistngo.org or hanfstaengl@gmx.net

PS. See also attached
Debt Work Out Mechanism a discussion paper.


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