From the American Monetary Institute

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute

Please take a moment to concentrate on this message, and consider the very particular action it asks of you, to help our nation achieve meaningful change to assure that no “Wild West” banking system ever again despoils our people.

I’m in Washington DC next week, visiting Representatives and Senators offices, with this message:

The Administration is calling for reforms at the Federal Reserve System. Wonderful! The AMI has been studying and calling for such reforms since 1996. Here’s what we’ve learned and condensed into The Monetary Transparency Act, and the American Monetary Act. (at

Thursday evening, April 10th, 6PM to 8 PM, I’m giving a talk on both of these Acts at BUSBOYS & POETS, a well known watering hole, with a popular meeting room. And that brings me to my request of you: Please forward this entire email to your two Senators, and to your Congressman, asking them to send one (or more) of their Aides to my talk.

We’ll have materials for them and a message of achievable reform for monetary justice. The email address of your Congressman is at

Your Senators email addresses are at:

Thank you SO MUCH in advance, and PLEASE stay in touch!
Stephen Zarlenga


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