Irish Friends, Please Vote NO for me

The Lisbon Treaty ‘behind the scenes’ explains how the Maastricht Treaty, the EU constitution and the introduction of the Euro came about… Some dare call it ‘democracy’… Having seen both West and East Germany suffer from the Euro – without a referendum – I consider it VITAL that we use all our net-working skills to encourage Irish citizens to vote for us who don’t have the possibility. The election is on June 12th. Signing the petition is the smallest contribution we can make.

From ATTAC Germany:

If you live in an EU member state, please sign this petition and spread the word:

Here is why: In April, a petition was launched against 2 Articles of Lisbon Treaty (56 and 48).


“As European citizens, we therefore demand the abrogation of article 56 of the Lisbon Treaty which forbids any restrictions on capital flows and thus sets the perfect conditions for the overwhelming hold of finance on society. We also call for restriction of the freedom of establishment (art. 48), leaving capital free to migrate wherever conditions are most favourable and financial institutions free to seek asylum in the City of London or anywhere else they choose.”

It has received over 35000 signatures up to now. Whatever the final number will be, however, the fact remains that the Irish are going to vote on the Lisbon Treaty without any amendmends made to it, and no other country has a referendum.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that we can convince as many Irish citizens – according to opinion polls, the majority is still undecided – that this treaty is not in their best interest, neither as Irish citizens, nor as Europeans.

They are told by the Yes Campaign – basically their Goverment with heavy funds from the EU Commission – that Europeans would take it badly if they said No. Little could be further from the truth. The peoples of all other member states are denied referenda on this text which will influence everybody living in the EU and even those outside. Opinion polls continously proved that the majority of them wanted referenda and many have openly demanded them – like thousands of us Austrians – but the Government just smiled and looked the other way.

The Treaty of Lisbon is in essence of the same content as the EU Constitution, which was rejected in 2005 by the French and the Dutch.

Neither have a referendum now. What is more, the Portuguese had been guaranteed a referendum by the party that is now in power – and are now denied a referendum. Hearing the news then, London, Paris and Berlin showed reliev. When the heads of state went to Lisbon last year to sign the treaty, 200.000 Portuguese went onto the streets. This is the biggest demonstration Portugal has seen in at least 20 years. The international media has ignored it.

I therefore ask you to do what is in your power to convince as many Irish as possible that this treaty must be rejected. It is a threat to the European Social model, a threat to any chance of ecological advancement.

Some friends of Attac Germany and I will go to Irland to assist the NO Campaign. We are in contact with CAEUC, the Coalition against the EU Consitution. Its members come from several small Irish parties and civil people’s movements. Compared to the Yes Campaign, the means of the CAEUC are tiny. They therefore also ask for money. Because of the Irish law, they cannot get direct financial contributions, however. To support them financially if you are not Irish, you must become a member. This is valid for both individuals as well as organizations.

Thanks again for your time and attention.



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