News Release on GoPetition

Below is the news release that I sent to every signatory who’s left their email address and the GoPetition people who manage many petitions in over 75 countries. GoPetition publish it here.


Stop the “Cash Crumble” to Equalize the “Credit Crunch”

Since publishing the petition Stop the Cash Crumble to Equalize the Credit Crunch on May 31st, 2008, it has been viewed 610 times which has resulted in 44 signatures so far. Given the complexity of the issue at stake, this is a remarkable response. Austin Mitchell MP will take the petition further as soon as 100 signatures are reached. By now, the petition has received support from a number of angles:

The Geneva based NGO Covalence which assesses companies by their ethical standards, publicizes it as one of their messages, entitled Financial Multinationals. Look for July 17 on:

Peter Etherden who has published the History of Usury on has become an active promoter of the petition. Using his pseudonym William Shepherd, he has written many articles relating to money, its history and reform. See for his publications and for his link to the petition. His latest text can be found as a comment to the article Everything you want to know about the bank crisis of the New Statesman . See

Anne Belsey, founder of the Money Reform Party, has signed and invited her members for support. See

The petition has received links originating from the Leonard Cohen Forum. For Chancellor Alistair Darling MP attended the Leonard Cohen concert which resulted in an Open Letter to him as well as the Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee. See for the Chancellor for the Chairman.

With the ongoing support of GoPetition, is hoped that this on-line tool will not only be effective in raising awareness but actually achieve the desired aim, especially if other countries follow suit.


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