Ban compound interest to save the planet

Here is the excellent article in Times Online – inspired by Richard Douthwaite: Ban compound interest to save the planet. Margrit Kennedy said of course the same thing in her book Interest and Inflation Free Money. My comment says:

Well written, dear Thinking and Reading Author!!!

May I ask the various commentators to consider lending at different levels and over different time frames?

The fact that Governments borrow and that interest payments are in every annual budget must be contributed to flawed thinking or poor institutionalisation. See Debt Management Office.

Who generates the interest required for any governmental, private or corporate loan?

Let’s think ‘money supply’ as the fuel for an economy! Credit is not the only ‘money tap’. In fact, it’s the worst!

That’s what we’re trying to get across with our Public Credit Petition targeted at the Treasury Select Committee.

Maybe you feel like clicking on ?

With ‘globally warm’ regards,
Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies


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