Public Interest Article

Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting at the University of Colchester, Essex, has invited me to develop the ideas behind the petition into an 8000-word article for the Journal of Accountancy Business and Public Interest.

Peter Etherden who published the History of Usury and many other money-related articles is putting my initiative into its historic and political context.

Together, we address the following questions:
1. What is the Credit Crunch?

2. What is the Cash Crumble?

3. Why the Public Credit Petition?

4. Why the Treasury Select Committee?

5. What does the Petition Request?

6. Why is it in the Public Interest?

7. Why is the Public Ignorant?

8. Who Benefits from this Ignorance?

9. Who are the Victims of Finance Capitalism?

10. How did the Financial Economy come to Dominate the Real Economy?

11. What Can be Done about it?

12. Participating in Political Processes

13. How does the system perpetuate itself?

14. Why Don’t We Change Things?

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