From Meetings at Westminster to Politics Online

Retired Canon Peter Challen who hosts a Global Table every Wednesday is also playing a major role at the annual Bromsgrove conference. He’s invited me to put my activities together for a handout in Bromsgrove. Here it is:

From Meetings at Westminster
to Politics On-Line

Creating a World without Poverty
Social Business and the Future of Capitalism – Muhammad Yunus

Since I can’t update my archive site [7751 hits], the organisation of an event for Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus at St. James’s Church led to Mary Fee revamping the Forum for Stable Currencies site in February: lists most written submissions and all our nine Early Day Motions which were signed by a total of 77 MPs. It has reached 1352 hits so far.

The event made me create two blogs: [8207 hits] where Dr. Lilly Evans has been contributing substantially and [2048 hits]. My first blog made the connections between the ‘climate bomb’ we had heard about at the last Forum meeting and the Money Bomb that James Gibb Stuart had published in 1983. See which has had 3260 hits.

“Green Credit for Green Purposes” and “Green Taxation v Green Funding”

Green Credit for Green Purposes was published as part of the Treasury Select Committee’s report on the Stern review can be found on Its writing was aided by Stefanie Grant, the lawyer whose costs were sponsored by James Gibb Stuart. The report gave rise to [2728 hits]. I followed her advice to “go for Parliamentary scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee.”

I was invited to make a second submission Green Taxation v Green Funding which was not published but can be found on the Green Credit blog under Essential Documents 03. See

Green Credit for Green Growth

This submission was in response to a Call for Concepts by UNDP for the climate conference in Bali. See It made me start [398 hits]

Public Credit Petition

On the GoPetition site, the Public Credit Petition is now the culmination of our Early Day Motions and the submissions to the Treasury Select Committee. See for the petition which today has reached 105 signatures and 1448 page views.

Prof. Prem Sikka has invited me to write an 8000-word article for his journal Accountancy Business and Public Interest. See The beginnings are on the Forum blog as the Public Interest Article and Peter Etherden is helping enormously. To me the signatures and page views demonstrate our hurdles among politicians and the public alike:

1. The ‘monetary aware public’ does not push their MPs to sign EDMs as we once thought they would.

2. MPs support Austin to receive the Attwood Award when they have an audience but don’t sign.

3. 1 in 13 viewers signs. That means lots of people read it – whether monetary aware or not!


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