The American Monetary Act

Democrats Should Skip a Party and Read the American Monetary Act. An excellent article from an outstanding author.

This act is the equivalent political initiative to our Public Credit Petition – by a few people who know and who care. Passionately.

One response to “The American Monetary Act

  1. The intent of the draft legislation is to implement the minimum reforms necessary to put time on the side of justice, instead of against it at present. The approach is to apply the lessons learned by history by doing the things that have been proven to have worked in the past.
    The 3 main components are:
    1. restore the money-originating power to a public body of the sovereign government.
    2. end the private money-creating activity of the banking sector.
    3. restore the physical and social infrastucture of the nation to the level desired by society.
    Of course there are many other good things that can be done after this, but first things first.

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