Powerful History of Banking Elite

A great email from Fred Burks of WantToKnow:

Dear friends,

First, I want to share something quite unusual that happened to me. A few months ago while I was sleeping one night, someone asked me in a dream to find out about Caroll Quigley. Upon awakening, I remembered this. Though I didn’t recognize the name, I figured it couldn’t hurt to do a Google search. Much to my surprise and excitement, I learned that this is the name of a renowned professor of history from Georgetown University who died back in the 1970s. Not only that, he was one of the few historians to ever delve deep into the absolutely critical, but little known role of money and the banking elite in the history of our world. How amazing!

I then went on to explore Prof. Quigley’s most well known book, Tragedy and Hope, and have just completed both a 10-page and a 40-page summary of this most excellent history of the world. These summaries focus on his discussion of the development and evolution of the banking elite and their secretive, yet powerful influence on world affairs through the ages. They are quite fascinating and enlightening. To read the 10-page summary, click here. For the 40-page summary, click here. And a big thank you to whoever spoke to me in that dream. Though I’ve had some amazing dreams in my life, I’ve never experienced anything like this before, so it is quite exciting to receive that kind of guidance.

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