The March towards Global Empire

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is the remarkable book of the remarkable author John Perkins. He calls what is happening worldwide the march towards global empire.

A summary is available on the excellent site WantToKnow by another excellent writer Fred Burks.

I describe this process of “de-democratization” as follows:

  1. “Bad money” (Credit created by banks) drives “good money” (Cash created by governments) out of circulation – according to an adaptation of Gresham’s Law
  2. Money is used to
    • influence political and law making processes
    • employ people to ‘just do their job’ – without conscience or ethical considerations
    • control which activities are being funded and which not.
  3. Banks become self-regulating
  4. Lawyers become self-regulating
  5. Politicians become powerless
  6. Corporations rule the world
  7. There is no difference between the ‘financial economy’ and the ‘real economy’, for the financial economy has taken over: a single global currency and a global central bank are planned for 2024. See

The alternative? Digital Money as ‘new’ money – online and offline.


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