A little problem with capitalism – from Canada

This excellent article on the current crisis was written by Toronto Star journalist Thomas Walkom. His view is not only long term but also beautifully comparative.

Given the many, many comments these days, I consider this analysis the neatest within the current economic thinking.

I have contacted the author inviting him into our perspective re national debt and the cash : credit ratio in the money supply.


One response to “A little problem with capitalism – from Canada

  1. Incredible, even when they totally screw up, US presidents, bankers, financiers and weathermen get to keep their jobs. Why?

    OK, the weatherman is amusing, but what of the other two.

    Now, they want welfare for the rich. How else will they make the payments on their multi-million dollar mansions and Mercedes?

    They have the audacity to ask for a helping hand from Joe Middle Class American Taxpayer – many of whom have already lost their jobs when those market boys decided to ship them off to China with the rest of America’s wealth.


    The other day, Stephen Harper was caught telling the truth.

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