MetaKnowledge MashUp 08

I was blogging live at the British Computer Society (BCS) as I was attending this event on Making and Organising Knowledge in Communities – organised by Conrad Taylor, Bob Bater and the networks of people relating to ISKO-UK (the librarian-based knowledge) and KIDMM (computer-based knowledge).

Alan Pollard who will be President of the BCS welcomed us by admitting to being a techno-nutter.

Conrad gave a great overview of knowledge in communities and put a photo of me with one of my two hats on Facebook.

Prof. Marilyn Leask talked about learning and sharing knowledge online – for schools and universities. “Measuring value for money” is one of her concerns.

Lyndsay Rees-Jones and Ed Mitchell presented the online system of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals.

Jan Wyllie happens to be a friend and colleague since the 80s. He used to publish Trend Monitor reports with his particular skill and technique called “content analysis”. Now his reports are called Open Intelligence but are not quite accessible yet.

Christopher Dean spoke about his experience of community building within a company of 50,000 employees.

I myself presented these slides which relate mainly to the community I created around the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster and St. James’s for Muhammad Yunus.

Susan Payne shared her intentions for KnowWare as a bespoke CMS for the KIDMM community.

All in all, a stimulating event as was to be expected when knowledge seekers are meeting. My biggest joy was to re-meet George Por with whom I had attended “Networking the Networkers” in Jackson Hole (USA) in the early nineties, conjuring up memories of the Meta Network, Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz and Open Network who are on the web as Pattern Research


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