Zeitgeist Addendum: more about US style money

Zeitgeist means the Spirit of the Times.
The ZeitgeistAddendum movie is outstanding.

Movie Review by Cameron Day

From the now legendary internet filmmaker Peter Joseph, whose original Zeitgeist movie stirred up a tremendous amount of interest, awakening, hostility and much more, comes an incredibly timely follow up: ZeitgeistAddendum.

ZA focuses on the massive flaws in our current monetary system, and also presents a very interesting solution to the problems. The fact that the movie had been in production for a year – always intended to be released in October 2008 – is very synchronistic, considering the economic upheavals that have been going on throughout the world recently.

ZA starts off by exposing the fraud that is our current fiat monetary system. This may be brand new territory for some, but even those who have studied the ins and outs of the “Federal Reserve” / Fractional reserve banking system will be able to glean some details they didn’t know before. Once the harmful ramifications of the debt based monetary system is exposed, under which we are all captives to one extent or another, the documentary segues into a lengthy interview with John Perkins, who is a reformed “Economic hitman” and author of two books detailing exactly how the economic hitmen do their dirty jobs.

By the time Mr. Perkins is done, most viewers will be feeling pretty bad about the current monetary and economic situation in the world. Hang in there, though, because the third part will present a completely “outside the box” model for how to transcend that limiting reality.

I’m not going to reveal too much about the last part of ZeitgeistAddendum, except to tell you that you will be challenged, uplifted and a little bit amazed at the possibilities that exist for us *right now* on this planet. We don’t need to invent anything, it is already invented. Designs have been drawn up, the technology is there. We simply need to unleash it!

I consider ZeitgeistAddendum to be one of the most powerful documentaries ever made, and a GREAT tool that anyone can use to help spread awareness about the inherent problems that are pre-built into the monetary system.

Watch it ASAP, and share it with your friends and family. You’ll be glad you did: www.ZeitgeistMovie.com


2 responses to “Zeitgeist Addendum: more about US style money

  1. Revolution Harry

    I was very impressed by the section on the banking system in Zeitgeist Addendum. So much so that I downloaded it and ripped it as a separate video and uploaded it to YouTube. I had a look at the tracker for it the other day and there had been over 200 views almost all from North America. Barely any for the UK. It seems to me that the subject of banking and it’s inherent fraudulence is little known here. It’s something I’d love to try and remedy. I’ve been thinking of trying to do a short viral video on the Bank of England and the banking system from a UK perspective. The trouble is my knowledge is limited and although I’m trying to learn as much as I can I still have a long way to go. Do you know of anyone who would be willing to write the dialogue? I have a very basic knowledge of Final Cut Express and Live Type so I could do a reasonable job using footage from other films, photos and possibly diagrams.

    On the broader subject of Zeitgeist Addendum can I suggest a review by an American blogger called Joe Plummer. He sees a few flaws in their suggestion at the end of the film. He’s also written a very good and easy to understand critique of the Fed and banking system.

    I’ve only found your site late this evening but I shall explore some more tomorrow.





  2. Revolution Harry

    Actually I rechecked the tracker and it’s over 3000. Still very few UK hits though.

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