Wall Street’s “Disaster Capitalism for Dummies”

From Paul B. Farrell on MarketWatch

14 reasons Main Street loses big while Wall Street sabotages democracy

Interesting how the 14 reasons are clearly correct, but don’t go to the heart of the mechanisms of creating money:

  1. Wall Street rich get first priority
  2. National security obsession
  3. Superpower with massive miitary
  4. Extreme nationalism
  5. Rally the masses by scapegoating enemies
  6. Corruption and cronyism
  7. Obsession with crime
  8. Labour and low wages
  9. Contempt for human rights
  10. Mass media manipulation
  11. Obsession with sexism
  12. Disdain for intellectuals
  13. Religion in government
  14. Fraudulent elections

I guess we need to ask ourselves how many of these attitudes and policies have already been successfully exported in the name of ‘globalisation’?


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