Shaking hands with the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP

I have rarely been prouder to be part of a conference than during these last two days: the Islamic Finance and Trade Conference 08 was such an excellent event that I can only hope to contribute next year and not just be on the receiving end.

What excellence in venue, speakers, sponsors and political support – especially in these times, particularly by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, H.E. Mr Shaukat Aziz.

Jack Straw emphasised in his speech what unites Britain and Islam and mentioned the Golden Coin by King Offa. Coincidentally, this currency of cross-cultural interaction and understanding had been in the conference bags of all delegates. Hence it could be proudly presented to Mr. Straw and he commented it might be the answer to the current crisis!

When he said “Hello, Madam” to me, I congratulated him on what he had said and suggested that we have other solutions to the crisis than the coin. I happened to have a last copy of Green Growth for Green Credit with me and handed it to him.


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