“Money Friends” among themselves

From an email by – to explain how Nation States are used by private companies behind the facade of politicians:
Tom Lines
“Iceland was clearly an experimental station for neo-liberalism – even more so than Thatcher’s Britain was in the 1980s.

Go to this link and see what I mean: www.mps-iceland.org/?gluggi=iceland&nafn=iceland/impact. It is on the website of the Mont Pelerin Society, which has been the organising centre of the neo-liberal campaign since Hayek’s time.

This particular link is about an MPS conference (‘Liberty and Property in the 21st Century’) which took place in Iceland in 2005, and it shows photos of:

Friedrich von Hayek in Iceland in 1980 with ‘Geir H. Haarde, then leader of the youth movement of the Independence Party, now [in 2005] Minister of Finance’;
Milton Friedman visiting Iceland in 1984, where it says he made quite a splash; and David Oddsson, as Mayor of Reykjavik, giving a dinner for James Buchanan (another high priest of neo-liberalism) in 1982.

The last caption points out that, ‘In 1991, Oddsson became Prime Minister and instigated an ambitious (and successful [/sic/]) programme of reform, liberalisation, deregulation, privatisation, stabilisation and tax reduction.’
Geir Haarde, mentioned above, is the present Prime Minister, who went on television a few weeks ago to explain the devastating collapse of that programme, which took with it the entire Icelandic economy (see the article recommended by Martin for details).

I am grateful for finding this info to yet another blog, called ‘How Did Iceland Go Bankrupt’, at: http://trollblog.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/how-did-iceland-go-bankrupt/.


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