Our Petition in the Hands of John McFall MP

Here is what I wrote to everybody who signed the online petition on http://tinyurl.com/666rwd:

Dear Signatories of the Public Credit Petition,

You and I have been waiting for this for a long time: Austin Mitchell MP has given the petition to John McFall MP, the Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee!!! In a beautiful blue folder, prepared by his assistant. I can’t tell you how relieved I am and how often I’ve been on Austin’s tails…

I have also formulated an Early Day Motion in support of the petition, but am told that EDM’s only make sense after the Queen’s speech, i.e. after December 3rd.

You will also be pleased to hear that Prof. Prem Sikka who is always writing extremely eloquent articles in Guardian online, will publish our article “Public Cash for the Real Economy” in January. It was written in support of the petition, mainly to highlight the history of usury and the legal and political implications of the credit crunch or cash crumble.

On my blog you may have read that 5000 emails had reached the Treasury Select Committee when the Chancellor, the Governor of the Bank of England and the Head of the Financial Services Authority were questioned by the Committee. However, I was told that they had been briefed about the questions they were going to be asked…

Hence I consider it EXTREMELY important to keep the pressure up by asking your friends to join the list of signatures. 136 signatures in 3113 page views tells me that we’re informing more than have the civil courage to stand up because we “see through the emperor’s clothes”. In case anybody needs help in understanding, Zeitgeist Addendum is possibly the most interesting albeit US version of the problem.

Maybe the formulation of the petition does not suit everybody either. My anger at the situation has just made me add the questions “What’s wrong with the Treasury printing notes and minting coins? Why do we need banks’ credit?” to the petition text. For I don’t want to spell out what I see in my Cassandra mode. I’d rather play Joan of Arc and watch as political entertainment how they are “doing their job”.

Whilst pleading for Green Credit for Green Purposes in defence of our environment, I have also met a barrister who is looking into new legal angles. So trust me to keep at the issue that I’ve made my “social life with meaning”!

With many thanks for your support and ‘globally warm’ regards,


Money Supply or Public Credit Petition, Parliamentary Scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee: 136 signatures and > 3,110 page views

Green Credit for Green Purposes, our submission to the Committee’s Inquiry into the Stern Report, on blog with > 3,370 hits

In the Spirit of the Forum for Stable Currencies, blog with > 4,640 hits

Forum for Stable Currencies, current site with > 1,670 hits and archive with > 8,340 hits

Expanding Dr. Yunus’ Sphere of Influence, blog with > 10,680 hits

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