New Economic Councils

This press conference announces the New Economic Council – due to “financial instability” – with the following members:

Peter Mandelson, former Trade Commissioner in Brussels
Paul Myners, former Chairman of Marks and Spencer
Lord Drayson, for a business brief in science
Stephen Carter, to become Minister of Technology, Telecoms and Broadcasting

They will all be in the House of Lords. All these Ministers, plus those Cabinet Ministers with economic responsibility, will attend a twice-weekly meeting of the Economic Council.

The Prime Minister also announces a group of Business Ambassadors:
the Chairmen of Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Vodaphone, Standard Chartered and the London Stock Exchange, Sainsbury’s and the universities.

New Regional Economic Councils were also announced by the PM “and our determination is the prosperity of every single citizen in our country”.

The gap couldn’t be wider between this intention and the GUARANTEED opposite effects…


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