Common sense has no place on the Brown-Darling Titanic

This article by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian is remarkable in terms of economic insight. This is the comment I added:

Political stupidity seems to be matched by monetary ignorance and eclipsed by financial self-interest, dear and most admirable Simon Jenkins!

Based on your remarkable article, a question seems to be who realises what wars are on. Let us count the wars:

1. the globalizers of the financial economy are ruining the real economy

2. US style unlimited credit on governmental, corporate and personal levels dictates to the rest of the world

3. the self-regulated City runs the law making processes in Westminster

4. Euro-controllers want to drive Sterling out of the window

5. financial institutions bankrupt home owners and businesses – with the right to using physical force being given to bailiffs!!!

6. the UK is becoming a third world country, while the financial economy is booming…

7. work, employment and labour are losing meaning, because money is losing value, while time is guaranteeing interest as passive income.

Is everybody watching while feeling powerless and helpless? We’re working on “Challenging the Recession – Can we Change the Economy? Yes, we Can!” [see Challenging the Recession]

We also offer an online petition, targeted at the Treasury Select Committee, for education and signing. HM the Queen has passed it to the Prime Minister, whose secretary passed it to the Treasury.

Meanwhile, Austin Mitchell MP has also sent it to the PM and to John McFall MP, the Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee. [See ]

But listening to HM subjects is not exactly priority, is it!?..

Concurring with AllyF: I could kiss you!

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies


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