The Obama Deception or Wall Street Oligarchs

This full length (1h 53m) video spells it out:

  • the historic American battle against Central Bankers running their country
  • the Presidency as a “puppet post”
  • Anglo-American Imperialism behind the New World Order
  • the Financial Elite as a Global Dictatorship, obliterating National Sovereignty and National Parliaments
  • the mechanisms of power behind closed doors as the “Shadow Government of the World”:
  1. the Bilderberg Group
  2. the Trilateral Commission
  3. the Council on Foreign Relations
  4. “fear mongering” among politicians
  5. “financial terrorism” by threatening with “economic crises” unless their demands are met.

The true agenda of the globalists:

  1. bring the US under the control of a “superbank”
  2. under the pretext of climate change, taxes will be levied on fossil fuels, animals and thousands of products
  3. a “No Fly” list will be established for “terrorists”
  4. speech will curtailed – also on the net
  5. healthcare will be federalised to “rationalise care”
  6. set up more US troops overseas and dominate Africa
  7. expand federal control over family farms and ranches
  8. accelerate the merge between the US and Canada
  9. Obama must pretend that the bucks stops with him – to hide the “criminal elite”
  10. Obama’s job is to sell the gloabalists’ agenda to the general public.

The alternative? NO to corruption and tyranny, NO to World Government.

You can also see End the Fed demonstrations as part of this most remarkable video.


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