Petition on Money Creation

Here is a well written petition to the Prime Minister asking to make the Bank of England the sole creator of money in our economy.


3 responses to “Petition on Money Creation

  1. Very Recently, there has been a good deal of litigation by the
    US Federal trade comission against blogs and website developers
    for not revealing their advertising revenue, or potential
    relationships with advertising networks.

    What are your ideas concerning how this could potentially effect
    the blog world?

    • I have no idea, for I have not looked into revenues from ads at all. One thing is for sure: blogs are a threat to all institutions that have been built with the intention of a new world order that is built on ‘globalisation’.

    • Sorry for not responding sooner: I feel that the authorities have become soooo unethical, not to say criminal, in their behaviours that it is an art to survive despite them. Everybody has to feel good about what they are doing to make a living. Blogging is one way!

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