How bank interest causes wars

This post is a ‘rant’ by the grandfather of all LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems), the most remarkable John C Turmel from Canada, an engineer, a professional gambler and former casino owner, accordeon player and poet. And the most committed activist I’ve ever come across.

Capitalism should be called “interestism”. Maybe then more people would understand the myths they are believing…

Master Rothswine’s Caravan: How bank interest causes wars

JCT: is a
post called “World Social Time Credits for tsunami repair” I
posted on Mon Jan 17, 2005. In it was something new I’d never
explained before, how bankers’ interest generates war! What?
Interest on money generates war? you might say? Here’s how for a
second time:

David Astle’s Babylonian Woe set the historical premise.

First of all, keep in mind that Alexander the Great was made to
wait by his local gold-bullion-broker for the loan he needed to
conquer the world. In his conquests, he was always after their
gold and slaves to pay off his loan-shark back home. When
conquerors are after gold and slaves, they’re probably in debt
and making war trying to get out of out of debt or out of debt
making war trying to stay out of debt. “The Pit” is one name.

But go back a few millennia when no group had enough gold in one
pile to finance world conquest. Yet.

But you did have these huge powerful well-guarded trading
caravans traveling around buying and selling slaves with gold.

Now, if you bought something neat and signed an IOU for the gold
to get it, if you got your tribe into debt like many dictators
have done, and couldn’t pay, you had to hand over all your gold
when the Master’s caravan arrived or some slaves. And if you have
no slaves, the deal was that you and your kin became the slaves
they took away.

And the debt is always the principle times the interest rate. The
debt is always greater than the gold available to pay. So you
either keep handing over family when the slave-master arrives or
you get into raiding too.

Now imagine all the tribes around you are in the same
predicament. The tribal leaders all bought these neat new swords,
had a few fights and signed up for even bigger swords, all are in
debt to the global bankers and arms dealers with the only way of
getting out of debt by coming up with gold or slaves.

If your tribe is tough enough, you might prefer to raid another
tribe, grab a few of their people and use them to pay off the
traveling usury slave-master. And it pays off to united tribes so
it’s always the “aliens” who are being sold into slavery at
yearly accounting period when the Master caravan arrives to claim
his due, not your kin.

Now imagine all the regions around you are in the same
predicament. They’d better organize to be able to get their
tribes into even bigger armies.

Now imagine all the nations around yours arming and having to
raid you before you can raid them to see which of you will be
able to pay the traveling slave-master at accounting time. He can
beat you both up but would rather let you fight it out among

The name of the usury mort-gage game is death-gamble. They all
borrowed 10 pieces of gold and made the impossible contract to
all pay back 11 pieces of gold forgetting “Gold has no babies”
and human slaves was the only other currency.

So, throughout all history, they raid you and yours to pay their
impossible debts to the money-lenders and you raid them and
theirs to pay your impossible to the same guys.

Everywhere, bubbling up is the never-ending demand for more gold
or slaves. Never peace. Never strong enough because you need
slavery to cope with your own debts. If you ain’t the buyer,
you’re the sale. Always barbarians on the outside raiding to get
get in. Always. Throughout all recorded human history. The
impulse to war and slavery for no apparent reason. Even Alexander
the Great really didn’t want to destroy everything. He just
wanted the deeds to the property so he could mortgage more money
for an even bigger army. Why eternal war for no apparent reason?
Because the reason is only apparent in the account books of the
usury money- lender. Just like today.

Imagine what kind of organization could do this, pit each tribe
at each other’s throats forever. Some think such degenerate
thinking must be alien but I firmly hope our world’s
international bankers are simply degenerate humans. Or we’re in
real trouble if the usury system is galactic. But it sure paid
off for the money-lenders despite the carcasses of their slaves.

Imagine them still doing it to us today!!!!

Now appreciate that all the great Buddhist, Hebrew, Christian,
Muslim preachers all denounced usury, interest on something that
has no babies.

Now appreciate that global banksters were global even if they’ve
erased the recorded evidence of that. The same weights for gold
were used from China to Britain 5000 years ago. The gold slave-
traders were doing the usury scam 5000 years ago. And thus the
constant need for war, to raid or be raided, to pay debts
impossible for everyone by the usury trick.

So accept that in ancient times,the global loan-sharks had almost
every village in the world tied up in debt chains. Those in debt
could not resist and those with cash held the chains could never
give their usury up.

But it was constant combat for freedom or pillage. Go read
ancient Egyptian history. It was the constant fending off of
encroachments by barbarians, constant raids of pillage and

And when the bankers really wanted to make easy foreclosure
pickings, they’d put large parts of their to the sword by pooling
their gold and financing an Alexander the Great.
Alexander The Great — Debtor. Har har har har.

JCT: Not enough people realize how the mort-gage death-gamble
contract causes war between borrowers. The loansharks have been
doing it to us since people could sign X on the dotted line.

Anyway, I hope it reinforces how no other reform of any other
problem can hope to succeed while money continues to be operated
with interest instead of a service charge which does not generate
death-gamble. See

Luckily, with Africa trading with mobile-phone minutes, Arabia
trading with phone cards, with Hours being traded in Ithaca, with
Greencredits being traded in LETS, the banks get no interest. And
the silent movement to cut the middleman out of the usury is
spreading with the spread of cell-phone technology. I always used
to tell the courts, how there were
two solutions to the Miracle Equation (algebra has one,
exponential functions have two), the software “let interest=0”
and the hardware “let time=0” solutions. See bankmath again.

With Facebook, Twitter, Graigslist, offering social currencies to
their databases, and every other social database soon too, with
large governments doing inter-national barter deals, the use of
these new self-created social credits all around the world is
undergoing unheralded growth.

But the common use of interest-free human-time-based currency is
key. When the local currency is pegged to the Time Standard of
Money (how many dollars per hour of volunteer labor, children
too) Hours earned locally can be intertraded with other timebanks
globally! In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with an IOU
for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours. You can too. U.N.
Millennium Declaration UNILETS Resolution C6 to governments is
for a time-based currency to restructure the global financial

Anyway, how you can imagine my loathing for the parasite usurers
who trick humans into a fight to the death so they can make them
slaves. You’d almost think they were an alien species, not human.
Lots of people already think the people in charge aren’t human. I
really don’t believe in outer space aliens because, how could
they have made it here with usury wrecking their civilization as
it is wrecking ours?

But what if it’s a genetic mutation? What if there’s a gene that
can be turned on to make you so greedy a pig that you hog
everything, even what you don’t need, until everyone around
starts to die off. I call it the Rothswine gene in honor of the
family who evidence more control over humanity with money in the
past 250 years than any other. So if you’re such a pig as to hog
all the resources until people around die off, you’ve got the
Rothswine gene. The real problem is if the mutation, the ability
to ignore that your Rothswinish ways are causing all the
extinctions around you, is genetic or environmental. Can the
chance at global greed give you the Rothswine gene to pass on to
your kids. Because, let’s face it, most of the leading
Rothschilds have the gene but there are hints that not all do.
The leading Rockefellers must have it, Bill Gates too. To sit on
50 billion worth of resources all for himself shows a hoggishness
that someone like me, a almost-broke living-off-the-land, never-
be-rich pauper, is proud to boast I probably don’t have.

I don’t think there’s any Rothswine gene in me. Anyway, the
family still has power to save the planet and so, deserve our
condemnation for the lousy job of running the planet they’ve done
so far. Glad to see technology putting them out of business. And
lucky for them, I’m in favor of Global Aspirin, ASA, for all:
Amnesty, Security, Anonymity. I’ll have a lot less difficulty
forgiving the butchers and torturers with amnesty than forgiving
the banksters who financed them.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. That felt therapeutic. I just had to vent at
people who hogged more than they needed while the world didn’t
have enough.


3 responses to “How bank interest causes wars

  1. That guy is a nut case, he spams his same message everywhere. Google, …
    “I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with an IOU”
    and you’ll find a few thousand webs with his same comment.

    • It depends how you define “nutcase”, Mark. I don’t know anybody who paid $25,000 to get the LETS software developed by Michael Linton who never acknowledged him. He’s just a lot more intelligent and creative than most people. That’s why he appears “different”. And he’s looking after his elderly mum!

      I have spent enough time with him to know him!

  2. Mark Herpel says about me: “That guy is a nut case, he spams his same message everywhere. Google… “I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with an IOU” and you’ll find a few thousand webs with his same comment.”

    Jct: This is the guy who runs Community Currency Magazine who doesn’t want me telling people how their local currencies can be used globally. I should maybe tell one site and no more? Of course, he covers every local token he can find but has nothing on UNILETS. Another bankster mole infiltrating the movement and trying to keep things small and local.

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