Illegal and unlawful home repossession on camera

The story of a ‘mob’ of nine coming to take Paulette Cooper’s hotel and home is one that is better than any film.

For the real hero is Paulette, a ‘victim turned starfighter’ par excellence.

The photos with comments are here.

And do read the comments from readers who share similar experiences!

Paulette Cooper’s case is one of four that we have put before the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP and the Lord Chancellor.

They are the ‘evidence’ of our general Stop the Oppression of the British people petition.

We must thank the web, WordPress, Twitter and all the magic of net-working that has made this possible.

Our monetary and organisational systems seem to have created states of mind that are similar to what made Nazism possible: everybody is “just following orders” and “just doing their job”. Their own thinking, feeling and conscience are turned OFF.

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