Global Analysis + International Intelligence = Christopher Story

A remarkable story about a remarkable man who died untimely… Christopher Story is the pseudonym of Edward Harle.

Since 1969, he published the following serials:

  • International Currency Review – hidden dimensions of global giga-corruption and Financial Warfare issues that the mainstream media routinely overlook, but which require exposure, given their serious implications for global stability
  • Economic Intelligence Review – the first to explore the impact of the global drug-money pipeline on the stock market and the real economy, now engaged in follow-up analyses of the underlying geofinancial and intelligence corruption crisis which threatens global stability
  • London Currency Report – global currency and monetary information system for use by institutions, investors, traders and multinational corporations
  • Interest Rate Service – addressing monetary issues that are considered to have significant underlying, longer-term importance which analysts may well overlook due to the short-termist market-driven considerations and peer pressures
  • and Offshore Centres Report – in the context of the offensive against offshore jurisdictions spearheaded by the G-7 powers, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the OECD and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

His books are

  • The Perestroika Deception – about the Soviet Bolshevik strategy to procure the establishment of World (Communist) Governance
  • Red Cocaine – talking about “the central blackmail dimension of the World Revolution”
  • The European Collective – described by Mikhail Gorbachev as “the new European Soviet”
  • The New Underworld Order – about the globalisation of criminalism and the financial audit trials of Financial Warfare operations and scams conducted by the Great Power driving the world to catastrophe
  • The Red Terror in Russia escribes what is liable to occur in any country (such as the US today) which dispenses completely with the Rule of Law. ..

There is an entry in Wikipedia and a site in his tribute.


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