From an American in Paris: The Revolt against Modern Capitalism

This is an important article by an influential American with lots of international experience, also in Paris:

  • the economic role of speculative money and the crimes committed in its service
  • the fortunes possessed by defaulting money-men who have been rescued by unconsulted taxpayers
  • corporations, run from metropolitan centres, whose legal headquarters are havens which escape oversight and taxation.

The unregulated western economic system has demonstrated a moral abandonment and adhesion to greed that shows no sign of ending, whatever the timorous promises made by Barack Obama, and David Cameron – current leaders of the nations from which this disaster has sprung.


4 responses to “From an American in Paris: The Revolt against Modern Capitalism

  1. Here’s an American critique from 1996 which is now the foundation of a British social purpose business:

  2. Here you can find an interview with Carl Herman by James Fetzer that was designed to serve as an introduction to the money question for beginners. In the interview Herman recommends, as you might expect, the ‘Money Masters’ films by Bill Still, Paul Grignon’s ‘Money as Debt’ movies, and Ellen Brown’s book Web of Debt. Certainly, these are among my favourite introductions to the subject. But this interview could be the radio equivalent, suitable for commuting drivers for example, or those who just like the talk radio format. It’s the best talk only presentation of the basics I’ve yet heard:

    Download the mp3 by right clicking on >Carl Herman<.

  3. Many thanks indeed, dear “fellist”!

  4. You’re welcome, Sabine. I hope your readers will be able to use it.

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