Dishonest Money questioned by Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve

This website and this video have made my day, for they act on the victims as EFFECTS and against the Fed as the CAUSE of our dishonest money system. “Dishonest Money” is actually the title of an American book that outlines the dishonest quality of “money” that has been hijacked from nation states by private banks.

4closure for Fraud is a site that highlights the problems of home repossessions in America. Their efforts paid off when Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum began investigating whether Florida’s largest foreclosure firms had submitted false affidavits and other documents in order to obtain final judgments against property owners.

Same circus, different clowns as we’ve watched in the UK (see Victims Unite!:

  • “Potentially fabricated documents”
  • many with signatures they believe are forged
  • “suspicious documents”.

Now sponsored by a law firm, gets 100,000 views a month, including visitors from the White House, the US Justice Department, the US State Deparment, the International Monetary Frund and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

And thanks to their Warrior Lawyers, a class action against the Fed is in preparation!

The Contact page lists 9 interesting traps for victims to consider!

4 responses to “Dishonest Money questioned by Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve

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