Completely brilliant video rap: Money from Nothing

Concentrated Consciousness on produced this exquisite rap on video:

Pieces of paper devalue one’s labour
printing press process cuts like a saber
through the worth of the sweat – off of one’s brow
in the form of a system we have allowed
through default of inheritance – to continue
to create money from nothing… and this for a fee!

The economics of banking and legal tender
esoteric complexities which typically render
most individuals dazed and confused
clueless about this system we use
on a daily basis – throughout our lives
an idea we’ve been sold… and continue to buy.

Promises of debt pass through our hands
everyday we undertake what we don’t understand.

But money is a thought form for those who don’t know
a conceptual idea, become tangible
a faith and trust that’s become blind
running amuck with the passage of time
as legitimate illegitimacy remains the norm
a concensus reality that remains uninformed.

For those who don’t believe this can be so
this disbelief is what gives it Control!
For legal tender representation
has taken hold of every nation
one by one… all on this planet
have fallen prey to the proverbial carrot
in front of the horse, luring it forward
but only forward – till it is lowered
to a state of servitude for the rest of its being.

Look around at the world we’re seeing:
legal tender is more than just paper.
Historically speaking, it’s the greatest caper
pulled off in front of humanity’s eyes
at our own expense – we believe a lie.

As the roots of its birth remain forgotten
unfolding evolution having gone rotten.
Begin to realise: things are not as they seem
entire money systems as Ponzi schemes!

For there is no need to give private incentive
or monopoly control to an external inventive
of a nation’s economic and monetary wealth
no need to pay unjust interest as well.

Yet this is the way that it is
a profound truth we blissfully dismiss.
Everything’s fine and always will be.
Hence we have this world we see!

A nation can coin its own currency
beholden to citizens and interest-free!

Not at the mercy of some private sect
in a runaway train of national debt.

And though indeed no system is perfect
attempt to fix what is not working!
In history’s pages such a solution was sought
the primary reason the revolution was fought!


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