A massive financial con trick foisted on the voters – by the dictators of the West

Robert Fisk would call a spade a spade in his article The bankers are the dictators of the West:

  • he asks his collegues in Wall Street why they don’t report ‘properly’
  • he blames Western governments for giving their power to banks, derivatives traders and rating agencies
  • he points to the “slovenly and dishonest coterie of experts from America’s top universities and think tanks”.

Maybe 2012 will become the year of enlightenment when enough people will realise the con tricks in operation, ever since the first central banks were created in Sweden and the UK:

  • the creation of “credit” from thin air that is being sold as “money” – but at interest
  • the deadly embrace between central banks and national treasuries
  • the complete con and illusion that governments are entitled to take “taxpayers’ money” in order to spend it.

May the Occupy Movement be the messenger of enlightenment!

And may the Bank of England Act 1694 become enforced, for the writers of that Act knew about the powers that the central bankers assumed for themselves: the manipulation of the tool to oppress Their Majesties’ Subjects (and other ‘democratic citizens’)…

And may our online petitions be understood and signed:


2 responses to “A massive financial con trick foisted on the voters – by the dictators of the West

  1. That was indeed a very nice article by Robert Fisk.
    If people knew only half of the damage done by interest……….

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