Theft through Interest and Compounded Interest on National Debts

In this video, retired teacher Bill Abram expresses his analysis and outrage over the Crime of the Canadian Banking System.

He points out that the Canadian as well as the US constitution contain the right of creating money to be reserved to the Government.

But, as more and more people begin to realise: successive governments have gradually given that power to private central banks and bankers.

We should not have a national debt!

But national or public debts have become commonplace for every national government.


3 responses to “Theft through Interest and Compounded Interest on National Debts

  1. Couple of days ago I came across this video, it was published on Bloomberg and it arose pretty fierce discussion. Victoria Grant, a 12-yrs old girl, pointed out a problem many adult professionals were ignoring. The subject of her speech was very similar to Bill Abram’s. However, it’s not just the banks that create the national debt. It’s our household debts, car loans and mortgages contributing to the high level of money our economic systems lacks.
    Everyone is pointing their fingers at the banking system and the government but isn’t it time to look at ourselves and how we are spending money? If we can’t live within our budges how can we expect the government to do so?

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