WHY AUSTERITY? Let me count the reasons… [NOT in our interest!]

U.S. National Debt Additions

U.S. National Debt Additions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: National Debt Graph

English: National Debt Graph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Argentine public debt, 1994–2004.

Argentine public debt, 1994–2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The excellent blog Political Cleanup is asking:

Why Austerity?

  1. The agenda of the global elite is to CONTROL
    1. People as well as the resources of the planet
  2. It rules by
    1. Controlling the currencies of nation states via central banks
    2. The central bank of central banks is the Basel International Bank of Settlements
  3. Money is a medium of exchange?
    1. Virtually all money is created as DEBT aka CREDIT
    2. Its main function is to pay INTEREST to the issuer
      1. i.      As ‘costs’ to banks
      2. ii.      shares to corporations
      3. iii.      dividends to shareholders
      4. iv.      rent to land / property owners
  4. Debt is legally enforceable
    1. i.e. money has become THE tool to CONTROL…
    2. digital footprints everywhere…
  5. Dishonest Money creates dishonest people
    1. The Rule of Law has been replaced by the Rule of Money
    2. Criminals rule aka anarchy…

Big sighs!

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2 responses to “WHY AUSTERITY? Let me count the reasons… [NOT in our interest!]

  1. Consider what Clinton was warned about 16 years ago:


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