‘OPEN CORPORATES’ open the gates to 834 Royal Charter Companies – the ticket to immunity from prosecution

English: Sealing of the Bank of England Charte...

www.OpenCorporates.com is this remarkable Open Database of the Corporate World.

This link takes you to 3,059,982 active companies in the UK and reveals 19 different company types. The last one is Royal Charter Company.

This link takes you to 834 Royal Charter CompaniesNearly all were registered on 1 Jan 1981 and comprise:

  1. The Bank of England (1 Jan 1981 – )
  2. Universities and Colleges
  3. Schools and Academies
  4. Banks
  5. The British Broadcasting Corporation
  6. The British Council
  7. Lots of ‘Chartered’ institutes and societies
  8. Hospitals and Lunatic Asylums
  9. Professional Institutes and Institutions
  10. Companies and Societies
  11. Libraries and Museums
  12. Clubs and Associations
  13. Unions, Committees and Councils…

If you are not familiar with the significance of Royal Charters, please click on Royal Charters – the ticket to Immunity from Prosecution.

In addition to the entry for the Bank of England as a Royal Charter Company, there are two Private Limited Companies:

  1. Bank of England Asset Purchase Facility Fund Limited (30 Jan 2009- )
  2. Bank of England Nominees Limited (6 Apr 1977- )

Here’s a link to the Bank of England 1694 Act – whose writers had the intention “to avoid the serious oppression of Their Majesties’ subjects…”.

Here’s one to the Bank of England Nominees, where Robert Owen gave a  presentation about the Bank of England Nominees to the Forum for Stable Currencies in 2000.

And here’s a link to the e-petition that Robert launched: to re-nationalise the Bank of England.

The rest is online action…


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