THE BRADBURY Coming to the Rescue – to solve social, political and economic issues

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Bradbury Pound to the Rescue! 

A little known historical precedent that will stop the criminal debt-creating banksters well and truly in their tracks!

Central Banks – the Irresponsible Institutions

The completely contrived and planned global debt bubble is rapidly becoming unsustainable and will burst at some point very soon bringing with it a financial meltdown on a scale never before seen.   It’s now clear from whistleblowers and researchers that the cabal that makes up the debt-creating banking elite, with their global network of central banks (including the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve) led by their little known Bank for International Settlements (BIS), has a well laid plan to collapse the world’s economy.

One World Debt-Based Currency – the mechanism for Global Slavery

The plan, using unsustainable and unlawful debt to collapse the major currencies of the world, is well advanced.   It’s all about the banking elite’s long term goal to create a centralised and global electronic currency – a currency that will inevitably lead to the reality of a cashless world where complete Orwellian control decides who gets paid and who doesn’t!

The powerful banking dynasties, along with their servile, self-serving and bought politicians of all persuasions on the political spectrum, have now created a complete global system of invasive economic control.   This system has over the centuries unlawfully taken away from nation states their supreme act of sovereignty – namely, the absolute and lawful right for any sovereign nation to issue its own currency and to be in complete control of its own money supply.  And when it comes to the private banks creating money for the debt-based strategic loans to governments, they do so by creating that money completely out of thin air (the polite term is ‘fractional reserve lending’) and when this ‘nothingness’ reaches a country’s treasury, the taxpayers of that nation are then fleeced in order to pay the interest on this ‘nothingness’.  Currently, the interest alone for the UK’s National Debt (over 1.1 trillion pounds) amounts to more than fifty billion pounds a year.  It is all an appalling scam and the debt bubble continues to get bigger and bigger as the criminals continue to rule the roost…..otherwise known as the City of London.

Now we don’t know exactly when this planned financial collapse will happen, but common sense dictates that it will happen when the peoples of the world least expect it in order to achieve maximum damage and distress.  When the financial pundits across the board all start talking up the so-called ‘green shoots of recovery’, this, in my opinion, is the most likely time for them to attempt to trigger this financial Armageddon.

UK Bradburies – the Historic Precedent Solution

But do not despair – we, the decent people of the world, now hold the trump card to prevent all of this from ever happening!  The knowledge of the existence of this trump card was given to us by a Bank of England insider.  But we can only win with this card if the criminal globalists in the shadows know that we, here in the UK, now know what to do.  Let me explain. Let’s go back almost one hundred years to a now virtually unknown monetary event at HM Treasury – an historical precedent which has absolutely huge positive implications for all of us here today.

13 07 03 Bradbury LogoEnter the Bradbury Pound!  The debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound was brought in by David Lloyd George, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, in order to avoid a run on the British banks and gold reserves at the outbreak of the First World War.  Issued not by the Bank of England but by HM Treasury, these treasury notes, based on nothing more than the credit and wealth of the British nation, took only three days to come into physical existence and they immediately enjoyed the complete confidence and support of the British people.

Unfortunately, the debt-creating bankers, once stability had been restored and the threat to the banks had been lifted, now insisted that the British Government went back to accepting traditional debt-bearing loans from them.  These loans were, once again, created completely out of thin air using fractional reserve lending. This meant that the private debt-creating bankers and the City of London were now making enormous profits again from the interest on something that didn’t actually exist.  And all this was happening whilst our soldiers died in their hundreds of thousands in the appalling carnage on the Western Front.  The moral values of the bankers had sunk to a new low and the British people had no idea how they were being deceived.   And just to give you some idea of how all this impacted on the British economy, in August 1914 the National Debt was £650 million……by 1919 it had gone up to £7,500 million!

But the principle of the Government issuing its own debt-free money based on the nation’s credit had been established. Here is humanity’s trump card to defeat the banksters. The humble Treasury-issued, debt-free Bradbury Pound of 1914 is about to make a reappearance in its centenary year – only this time on a scale never before imagined.  Not only is it our solution for restoring our nation’s sovereignty from the debt-creating bankers, but its restoration would also put to an end forever to the corporate criminality that has plunged our nation and its people into increasing and unlawful debt.  And best of all, it will frustrate completely the elite’s plans for their global electronic currency as every nation in the world will follow Britain’s lead.

In 1914 it took just three days for the Government and Parliament to bring in the Bradbury Pound – today, in this age of instant electronic money, the new Bradbury, with over £20 trillion of national credit backing it up, can be triggered into play in minutes if not seconds.  As soon as the markets across the world start to crash like falling dominos, the Treasury in the blink of an eye can instantly put into place total support for all the lawful and honest money creation in the nation’s economy, protecting the savings and investments of the British people whilst ensuring the continuance and future prosperity of Britain’s manufacturing base.

The Rescue Operation to address ‘austerity cuts’

So there we have it!  The restoration of the historical debt-free Bradbury Pound will ensure that the lawful British economy cannot ever be destroyed by the criminal debt-creating banking elite.  And the really good news is that every sovereign nation in the world can do the same with their own debt-free currencies based on their lawful credit.  The bankers have well and truly lost!  They are exposed!  Their reign is over!

Justin Walker (
Coordinator for the Restore the Bradbury Pound Campaign

To express your support, please sign Bring Back The Bradbury! Once 100,000 signatures are reached, a debate takes place in Parliament.

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13 responses to “THE BRADBURY Coming to the Rescue – to solve social, political and economic issues

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  6. If people could understand the grave dangers and blood sucking consequence of the current global monetary system then as pointed by henry ford there will be a revolution not only in america but across the globe.
    The money lenders have gone this far because they ensured contol of mass media which could have been used to turn the tide against them coupled with monumental purchasing power granted them through fiat currency and legal tender laws they have the destinies of humanity in their palms.
    It will take fatal sacrfice from d few that understand d fraud to set humanity free.
    Many like Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, JFk , Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins have all paid d ultimate price.
    So be warned of their collosal as it will take divine intervention to safe mankind.
    Through mass media they have classically conditioned the youths to live on fantasies and make believe into a state of perpetual pyscological slumber.

  7. millions in Africa and many third world countries do not have access to internet and other infrastructural challenges while majority that has has been conditioned witg few exceptions to day dream less concerned with critical thinking.

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