WHICH SIDE are You On: Rothschild (City) or Treasury (Westminster)?

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I shouldn’t be asking the question: which side are you on: Rothschild (City) or Treasury (Westminster)? For the current Treasurer trained in Rothschild banks, as I once read, but can’t find any reference any more…

A lot of us believe that it would be nice if Parliament became an ethical outfit in 2015 and knew what the real issues are:

This is therefore an important email from Justin Walker (jrgwalker@aol.com), the Coordinator for the Restore the Bradbury Pound Campaign:

Hello everyone,

Sorry, but I’ve been doing a lot of quiet thinking/research in the last couple of weeks.   Dangerous I know!  But I would be grateful if you could spread this email out far and wide to get this very important information out, especially as the world will be looking in detail at this period of history next year.

Now I have one big question-mark about the actual 1914 story of the debt-free, HM Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound which has been nagging at me ever since I was first alerted to this little known episode in our country’s history.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with the concept and the principle of a sovereign nation issuing its own debt-free currency based on that nation’s credit.  We all know that the restoration of the Bradbury Pound is our lifeline and trump card to a more sane and prosperous future free from the criminal bankers.

No, the question which is bothering me is WHY did Lloyd George cave in so easily to the bankers by phasing out the issuance of debt-free treasury money in favour of going back to agreeing to debt-creating loans from the private bankers?  What did they have on him which made him cave in so easily to their demands?  Was he frightened?  Possibly.  Was he being blackmailed for his well known penchant and weakness for young women?  Again possibly.  Or was he a part of the game and a ‘sleeper’ for the Rothschild Zionist ambitions for a Jewish ‘homeland’ state in Palestine along with the whole ‘Illuminati‘ satanic globalist approach and agenda to international affairs?  Well, in my opinion, it’s a very real possibility.   In Lloyd George’s war memoirs concerning his actions as Chancellor of the Exchequer, he emphasises that he had an historic disagreement with Lord Rothschild.  On page 104 he writes:

“Amongst those whose advice I sought was Lord Rothschild.  My previous contact with him was not of a propitiatory character.  He had led the opposition in the City to my scheme for Old Age Pensions and to my Budget proposals in 1909, and I had assailed him in phrases which were not of the kind to which the head of the great house of Rothschild had hitherto been subjected.  My attack was strongly resented by all his friends.  However, this was no time to allow political quarrels to intrude into counsel.  The nation was in peril.  I invited him to the Treasury for a talk.  He came promptly.  We shook hands.  I said, “Lord Rothschild, we have had some political unpleasantness.”  He interrupted me: “Mr Lloyd George, this is no time to recall those things.  What can I do to help?”  I told him.  He undertook to do it at once.  It was done.

When he died, shortly afterwards, I attended his funeral.  On a grey, damp morning the streets to the cemetery were lined with poor Jews who were there to pay their humble tribute of reverence to the great Prince in Israel, who never forgot the poor and the wretched amongst his people”.

My feeling is that this is all smoke and mirrors and complete hogwash to hide the real history and the real ‘game’.  The influence of the Rothschilds and the Zionist bankers on both the Liberal and Conservative parties in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was quite considerable and I can’t believe for a moment that Lloyd George (especially with his insatiable appetite for ladies and the fact he had risen to the top) was not being controlled in some way by those who were directing the ‘game’.  And this brings me nicely onto the writings and research of Commander William Guy Carr RN, RCN.  If you haven’t come across his tour de force Pawns in the Game can I please urge you to have a real look at all these links.  This man in 1958 had ‘got it!’….he had connected the dots and was, broadly speaking, absolutely right.

http://www.lovethetruth.com/books/pawns/09.htm  (this is particularly interesting concerning ‘the Glass Club’, the treatment of Prime Minister Asquith and Kitchener’s death on HMS Hampshire)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Guy_Carr (of course he’s branded as anti-Semitic by Wikipedia)

Pawns in the Game [the most comprehensible book on the Illuminati] – William Guy Carr on the Illuminati: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zFhWYo1fWA

Who are the Illuminati? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nILN8sdm1L0

And here’s another historical link to the politics of Zionism and its unlikely supporters within the British establishment:

http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/the-gay-father-of-nazism-and-zionism.html  This is full of facts that I broadly feel comfortable with – I shall never look at Disraeli in the same light.

Finally, the bottom line is this.  With the centenary of both the Great War and the Bradbury Pound upon us next year, there is going to be a lot of research and coverage about this period.  Already BBC’s Newsnight Jeremy Paxman has got a book out on the First World War.  On Radio Five Live he was asked who benefitted from the conflict…..his hesitant and rather pathetic response was ‘the armament manufacturers.’   Does he know about the Bradbury Pound?  Has he ever considered that the main driving force for war is, and has always been, the debt-creating, ‘divide and rule’ Zionist bankers? It will be interesting to see how he reacts to the facts when I write to him!

My friends, we have a lot of educating to do for people who are supposedly ‘educated’ and many British patriots are going to be horrified when they see ‘heroes’ like Winston Churchill being clearly implicated with the machinations of the Zionist bankers….Churchill’s so-called Wilderness Years were always an inspiration for me so I am finding it particularly hard to take this essential relook at history……BUT WE MUST ALWAYS GO WERE THE EVIDENCE AND TRUTH TAKES US!

So can I please urge you all to spread the word and to do the research yourselves so that the REAL TRUTH comes out in time for the 2014 centenary…….the millions of dead from both World Wars at least deserve that.  The Restoration of the Bradbury Pound (along with the exposure of Establishment-led paedophile rings) is going to be a huge issue next year for the British people…..the criminal bankers and their treasonous politicians have no coherent response to the principle of the Bradbury and they know it!  They are on borrowed time!



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