MARGRIT KENNEDY – Author of Interest- and Inflation-Free Money – passes on

Margrit Kennedy wrote Interest and Inflation Free Money, Creating an Exchange Medium that Works for Everybody and Protects the Earth in 1987. She addressed the Forum for Stable Currencies many years ago.

„A feeble attempt would call it the feeling of being warmly embraced, deeply comforted, dearly cherished, profoundly appreciated, genuinely treasured, softly nurtured, profoundly understood, completely forgiven, wholly absolved, long awaited, happily welcomed, totally honored, joyously celebrated, absolutely protected, instantly perfected, and unconditionally loved
 – all at once. Releasing without the slightest hesitation or regret any and all sense, of individual selfhood, the soul moves into the Light.

Home with God – In a Life That Never Ends,
Neale Donald Walsch, p.227

Prof. Declan Kennedy, Reinhard Hübner, Patricia Hübner,
Antja Kennedy, Bernd Oberländer, Nora Oberländer
bid a loving farewell to Prof. Dr.
Margrit Kennedy, née Hübner

Department of Architecture, University of Hanover,
Founder of MonNetA (Money Network Alliance)
21.11.1939  –  28.12.2013

The farewell celebration with interment of the ashes at the family grave will be on the 10th of Jan. 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the main cemetery/Hauptfriedhof, Tannenheckerweg 6, 34127 Kassel.
If you plan to attend the farewell celebration,
please sign in under this link.

If you cannot attend, it would be nice for
you to meditate or pray for her at that time.

Instead of flowers we ask for donations to
Lebensgarten Steyerberg e.V., Volksbank Steyerberg eG,
IBAN: DE 95 2566 2540 0001 8880 00, SWIFT/BIC: GENODEF1STY

Please send your condolences to:

In Margrit’s spirit, the interest-free Bradbury Pound celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.


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