Cryptos vs Banksters [& the Bankers are Losing!] @clif_high What are @CurrencyNews @money #wealth?

This interview with Clif High illustrates an ‘interesting’ state of knowledge or the absence of understanding the essence of the original purpose of ‘currency’ as ‘money’ to facilitate trade:

  1. accumulating material wealth is priority;
  2. ‘currency’ is not a medium of exchange but a ‘store of value;
  3. electronic ‘coins’ are being created for that very purpose – preferably by web bots.

‘Money’ is clearly a cultural construct. And the money buyers and sellers have their own language that Clif High likes to analyse – as  ‘predictive linguistics’.

From the positive point of view:

  • “party on” – electronic currencies show how ‘hot air’ is behind the creation of money rather than real transactions;
  • ‘money’ has gradually ceased to be a ‘medium of exchange’ the more ‘debt-based money’ was introduced via governments who had to borrow money for national debts and public borrowing interest payments;
  • electronic currencies are a ‘digital response’ to ‘fiat money’ created from hot air.

The next video talks about the dying system:

  • it’s about gold vs dollar;
  • electronic currencies can NOT be manipulated by stock exchanges;
  • 2008 was an ‘eletronic run’ on the banks;
  • the world has become a ‘banana republic’;
  • Google et al are trying to silence the Truth!

All roads lead to the criminal banks!

All roads lead to Wall Street and the City of London!

Anybody who is interested in TRUTH, do keep YouTube channels alive!

They cannot challenge the logic – their only alternative is to silence…

Presumably it turns out to have been an organised plan – hatched at a Bilderberg meeting…

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