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From an American in Paris: The Revolt against Modern Capitalism

This is an important article by an influential American with lots of international experience, also in Paris:

  • the economic role of speculative money and the crimes committed in its service
  • the fortunes possessed by defaulting money-men who have been rescued by unconsulted taxpayers
  • corporations, run from metropolitan centres, whose legal headquarters are havens which escape oversight and taxation.

The unregulated western economic system has demonstrated a moral abandonment and adhesion to greed that shows no sign of ending, whatever the timorous promises made by Barack Obama, and David Cameron – current leaders of the nations from which this disaster has sprung.


We’re entering the rapids

This is a great post from Michael Meacher MP on his blog – about long term thinking and the bizarre arguments behind cuts, cuts, cuts in public spending – led by the OECD, the Bank of England and the G20.

I commented and congratulated him. Maybe he’ll come to one of our next meetings…

Illegal and unlawful home repossession on camera

The story of a ‘mob’ of nine coming to take Paulette Cooper’s hotel and home is one that is better than any film.

For the real hero is Paulette, a ‘victim turned starfighter’ par excellence.

The photos with comments are here.

And do read the comments from readers who share similar experiences!

Paulette Cooper’s case is one of four that we have put before the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP and the Lord Chancellor.

They are the ‘evidence’ of our general Stop the Oppression of the British people petition.

We must thank the web, WordPress, Twitter and all the magic of net-working that has made this possible.

Our monetary and organisational systems seem to have created states of mind that are similar to what made Nazism possible: everybody is “just following orders” and “just doing their job”. Their own thinking, feeling and conscience are turned OFF.

Bankster “Holiday” planned for September?

There are so many reports and comments on the “crisis” that I have refrained from adding mine.

This one, however, does deserve attention, for it proves my “Cassandra perspective”:

  • the globalists are working towards controlling the world’s resources via one “super-currency”
  • this currency will be controlled by the current controllers of national currencies (who are not being controlled)
  • the institutions gearing up for it are up and running.

The article refers to an “interesting” precedent, which reinforces the above. Please come to your own conclusions when reading this article on one of the most informative American websites.

21st Century Financial Prostitution

This is a remarkable post on the blog of a remarkable Malay lady: the monetary situation or financial ‘crisis’ from a spiritual perspective, with links for further reading, and great quote from Muhammad Yunus.

Michael Moore’s appeal to stop the Robbery

Michael Moore is definitely a hero for me. I saw him live, loved his movies and admire his writing and website. I wonder what he’d do if he also knew what I know about the statistics around Cash and Credit in the money supply.

In any case, here are his comments on the latest battle between Wall Street and Washington – one before and one after the historic vote.

Our Public Credit Petition is designed to redress the imbalance of power between Parliament and the City in a similar way…

No hope for the planet unless we reform economy

John-Paul Flintoff from TimesOnline Green Central as spelled it out in mortgage-related terms – by relying on the Money as Debt video to do the more complicated work. He even refers to usury and to one of our Early Day Motions Green Credit for Green Growth.

His article No hope for the planet unless we reform economy is the third in Green Central on Times Online and has already created a heated albeit ignorant response.

One does have to wonder as the video asks: why does everybody study and know about love but not about money? How come people know how babies are made but not how money is produced?

Why do the bankers keep that secret to themselves? Why does it cost a licence to open a bank to buy and sell mortgages and debts but not to buy and sell apples and pears?