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THE BRADBURY Coming to the Rescue – to solve social, political and economic issues

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Bradbury Pound to the Rescue! 

A little known historical precedent that will stop the criminal debt-creating banksters well and truly in their tracks!

Central Banks – the Irresponsible Institutions

The completely contrived and planned global debt bubble is rapidly becoming unsustainable and will burst at some point very soon bringing with it a financial meltdown on a scale never before seen.   It’s now clear from whistleblowers and researchers that the cabal that makes up the debt-creating banking elite, with their global network of central banks (including the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve) led by their little known Bank for International Settlements (BIS), has a well laid plan to collapse the world’s economy.

One World Debt-Based Currency – the mechanism for Global Slavery

The plan, using unsustainable and unlawful debt to collapse the major currencies of the world, is well advanced.   It’s all about the banking elite’s long term goal to create a centralised and global electronic currency – a currency that will inevitably lead to the reality of a cashless world where complete Orwellian control decides who gets paid and who doesn’t! Continue reading


Theft through Interest and Compounded Interest on National Debts

In this video, retired teacher Bill Abram expresses his analysis and outrage over the Crime of the Canadian Banking System.

He points out that the Canadian as well as the US constitution contain the right of creating money to be reserved to the Government.

But, as more and more people begin to realise: successive governments have gradually given that power to private central banks and bankers.

We should not have a national debt!

But national or public debts have become commonplace for every national government.

National banking and “illegal money”

There is a remarkable petition to the Prime Minister which spells out in a nutshell what monetary reformers have been saying, writing and videoing about for decades:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop the Bank of England from producing illegal money, stop fractional reserve banking and create a nationalised bank.

Whilst promoting it, I was asked about “illegal” and spelled my analysis out as part of the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694. The act was written with the intent “not to oppress Their Majesties’ subjects!”

It seems that this good intention has not been translated into reality over the three centuries since…

Bank of England Act 1694

A lawyer friend of mine has pointed me to Sections XXVI and XXVII of this act which have not been repealed (yet).

If I translate correctly, it means the following in nickel words:

  1. the act was written with the intention that their Majesties’ subjects may not be oppressed by the Bank of England
  2. the Bank of England may not monopolize or engross any goods, wares or merchandize
  3. the Bank of England may not deal or permit  to deal or trade with any of the ‘stock-monies’ or ‘effects’, i.e.  ‘deposits’ or ‘collateral’, to buy or sell any goods, wares or merchandize
  4. should anybody do so anyhow,  or by order or directions, such dealings or tradings are prosecuted and punished by treble the value of the goods and merchandize traded, if ‘victims’ sue for action in the High Court.

I read the ‘stock-moneyes’ and ‘effects’ to pertain to the ‘financial economy’, while goods, wares and merchandize belong to the ‘real economy’.

Hence I wonder whether “we, the taxpayers” could construe such a High Court Action on the back of the national debt and the money supply, since ‘effects’ are used for the national debt and ‘effects’ are used to pay bailiffs to engross people’s homes and other assets?

But maybe my German / analytical mind thinks around too many corners here…

Robert Peston: Who Runs Britain?

BBC’s business editor Robert Peston has become the “face of the credit crunch”. He presented his book Who runs Britain? at the LSE on Nov 17, 2008, as part of POLIS – Journalism and Society and I gave him an envelope with our documents. May his mantra “debt, debt, debt” resonate with our insights into the devastating developments of the national debt.

His book has the following chapters:
Continue reading

MetaKnowledge MashUp 08

I was blogging live at the British Computer Society (BCS) as I was attending this event on Making and Organising Knowledge in Communities – organised by Conrad Taylor, Bob Bater and the networks of people relating to ISKO-UK (the librarian-based knowledge) and KIDMM (computer-based knowledge).

Alan Pollard who will be President of the BCS welcomed us by admitting to being a techno-nutter.

Conrad gave a great overview of knowledge in communities and put a photo of me with one of my two hats on Facebook.

Prof. Marilyn Leask talked about learning and sharing knowledge online – for schools and universities. “Measuring value for money” is one of her concerns.

Lyndsay Rees-Jones and Ed Mitchell presented the online system of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals.

Jan Wyllie happens to be a friend and colleague since the 80s. He used to publish Trend Monitor reports with his particular skill and technique called “content analysis”. Now his reports are called Open Intelligence but are not quite accessible yet.

Christopher Dean spoke about his experience of community building within a company of 50,000 employees.

I myself presented these slides which relate mainly to the community I created around the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster and St. James’s for Muhammad Yunus.

Susan Payne shared her intentions for KnowWare as a bespoke CMS for the KIDMM community.

All in all, a stimulating event as was to be expected when knowledge seekers are meeting. My biggest joy was to re-meet George Por with whom I had attended “Networking the Networkers” in Jackson Hole (USA) in the early nineties, conjuring up memories of the Meta Network, Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz and Open Network who are on the web as Pattern Research

Rod Parsley on the National Debt

Rod Parsley is the senior pastor of “World Harvest Church”. Here on YouTube he speaks eloquently on the national debt: to whom do the citizens of the United States of America owe 7 trillion dollars? It’s growing 1 billion 6 million dollars a day. Your bible calls it usury.

There are 40 related videos for viewing – especially to Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas!