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#CAPITALISM by 1% Nick Hanauer: wake up, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks will come for us!

This TED talk is about economics rather than money creation. But at least he does challenge ‘trickle down’ academic economics. Nick Hanauer has founded, co-founded and funded some 30 companies, i.e. he talks as an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, everybody can make some kind of difference. The difference the top 1% can make is just bigger!

“I am not making a moral argument. I am arguing that RISING economic inequality is STUPID. The model should be Henry Ford who intuited that

  • an economy needs to be understood as an ecosystem.

21st century understanding of economics is about

  • complex, adaptive, ecosystemic
  • not efficient and effective.

Capitalism does not work by effectively allocating resources.

His ideas of ‘new capitalism’ include

  • shrinking the size of government
  • investing in the middle class
  • balancing the power between ‘minimum wage’ and people like me.

Economics encode social and moral preferences, it’s not an exact science.

Fellow plutocrats, it is time to commit to a new kind of capitalism!


THE BRADBURY Coming to the Rescue – to solve social, political and economic issues

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Bradbury Pound to the Rescue! 

A little known historical precedent that will stop the criminal debt-creating banksters well and truly in their tracks!

Central Banks – the Irresponsible Institutions

The completely contrived and planned global debt bubble is rapidly becoming unsustainable and will burst at some point very soon bringing with it a financial meltdown on a scale never before seen.   It’s now clear from whistleblowers and researchers that the cabal that makes up the debt-creating banking elite, with their global network of central banks (including the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve) led by their little known Bank for International Settlements (BIS), has a well laid plan to collapse the world’s economy.

One World Debt-Based Currency – the mechanism for Global Slavery

The plan, using unsustainable and unlawful debt to collapse the major currencies of the world, is well advanced.   It’s all about the banking elite’s long term goal to create a centralised and global electronic currency – a currency that will inevitably lead to the reality of a cashless world where complete Orwellian control decides who gets paid and who doesn’t! Continue reading

WHY AUSTERITY? Let me count the reasons… [NOT in our interest!]

U.S. National Debt Additions

U.S. National Debt Additions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: National Debt Graph

English: National Debt Graph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Argentine public debt, 1994–2004.

Argentine public debt, 1994–2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The excellent blog Political Cleanup is asking:

Why Austerity?

  1. The agenda of the global elite is to CONTROL
    1. People as well as the resources of the planet
  2. It rules by
    1. Controlling the currencies of nation states via central banks
    2. The central bank of central banks is the Basel International Bank of Settlements
  3. Money is a medium of exchange?
    1. Virtually all money is created as DEBT aka CREDIT
    2. Its main function is to pay INTEREST to the issuer
      1. i.      As ‘costs’ to banks
      2. ii.      shares to corporations
      3. iii.      dividends to shareholders
      4. iv.      rent to land / property owners
  4. Debt is legally enforceable
    1. i.e. money has become THE tool to CONTROL…
    2. digital footprints everywhere…
  5. Dishonest Money creates dishonest people
    1. The Rule of Law has been replaced by the Rule of Money
    2. Criminals rule aka anarchy…

Big sighs!

Continue reading

Why Poverty? A Ground Breaking Cross-Media Event, Online and on TV, using Films to get People talking about Poverty

Documentaries and some 30 short films ask the following questions:

  1. LAND RUSH: How do you feed the world?
  2. SOLAR MAMAS: Are women better at getting out of poverty?
  3. MORRIS’ BAG: Can you feed a family out of bag? [Kenya]
  4. IN YOUR HANDS: Surrounded by violence, what do you do? [Colombia]
  5. WASTE: Why can’t we feed the world? [Global]
  6. FINDING JOSEPHINE: Who benefits from charity? [Uganda]
  7. LAUNCH: The best of the discussion from our UN launch
  8. GIVE US THE MONEY: How do you change the world?
  9. NEW POOR: Who are the new poor? [Spain]

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From an American in Paris: The Revolt against Modern Capitalism

This is an important article by an influential American with lots of international experience, also in Paris:

  • the economic role of speculative money and the crimes committed in its service
  • the fortunes possessed by defaulting money-men who have been rescued by unconsulted taxpayers
  • corporations, run from metropolitan centres, whose legal headquarters are havens which escape oversight and taxation.

The unregulated western economic system has demonstrated a moral abandonment and adhesion to greed that shows no sign of ending, whatever the timorous promises made by Barack Obama, and David Cameron – current leaders of the nations from which this disaster has sprung.

Kathleen Parker in The Washington Post: The economic crisis was an ‘inside job’

The most forgiving American will want to seize a pitchfork and march on Wall Street. Or Harvard Square. Or in front of the White House. There are so many despicable parties, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Is it time to reconsider the Axis of Evil?

The article is actually a review of the film Inside Job with a few pertinent points:

  1. assigning blame to either Democrats or Republicans is pointless
  2. many investment bankers knew the mortgage loans they were selling, were junk
  3. the cosy relationship between Wall Street and Ivy League academia is eye-opening, i.e. revealing conflicts of interest
  4. notably missing from the film, declining to be interviewed, are: Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin.
  5. “Obscene” is the word that comes to mind: the game has been rigged so that only a few were in positions to get rich at the expense of the middle class, not just here but globally.
  6. the only remaining question is why some of these people aren’t being prosecuted for fraud or at least shirking fiduciary duty.

Another excellent film review is here.

Called “the most in-depth look” on MOXNEWS.COM, Charles Ferguson is being interviewed here, making the following points:

  • extremely unethical behaviour
  • unbelievably unlikely that there wasn’t also criminal fraud
  • but not a single seniour executive has been prosecuted.

Professor William Black comments and suggests the following:

  1. replace bank regulators
  2. end FBI partnership with MBA
  3. fire Eric Holder, the current Attorney General.

What can we do now?

  1. fire Geithner, Sumers and the heads of the banking regulatory agencies
  2. get people who believe in prosecution
  3. make a Top 100 list of most serious cases instead of the least serious ones.


Public Cash for the Real Economy

There is a great new BlogPaper in circulation in London. It could be called “The People’s Paper”, for it is based entirely and you and me: we write an ‘article’ or ‘note’ and people comment or vote, and if there are more than 100 reads and at least 5 people who vote, it gets published.

I began with Public Cash for the Real Economy – the ultimate request, by online petition, as it is the issue underlying all issues.

The Rule of Law and the Rule of Money was my second attempt.

If you feel like voting these articles into publication on paper, I would be grateful! However, you have to become part of the ‘community’ by signing up first and then hover over the voting bar to decide which vote you give. “Publicise this” is one of the options.