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#MoneyCreation debated by MPs 320 years after the #BoEAct1694

English: The expansion of $100 through fractio...

English: The expansion of $100 through fractional-reserve lending at varying rates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The writers of the Bank of England Act 1694 had the intention

to avoid the serious oppression of Their Majesties’ subjects.

Hence they didn’t allow the Corporation to trade. Should it trade after all, it would have to pay as punishment:

treble the value of the trade.

In theory, this means that the BoE would have to pay the Treasury treble the value of all national and public debt bonds!

Will MPs appreciate this when they debate ‘money creation and society’ this Thursday as part of Backbench Business?

See   Parliament Debate, including the link to watching the debate live .

Further info on Facebook and  these Google results.


BACK TO the Future: from 1914 (WWI) to 2014 (Bradbury Pound)

13 10 09 Money Matters

13 10 03 ERC BradburyThis 48-page booklet (1981) and this 200-page book (1986) are as fundamental as The Money Bomb (1983) – and as true and relevant today as there and then – if you want to understand how ‘money’ has changed from being a ‘medium of exchange’ to being used as a ‘tool for control’!

The title says it all: Government Debt and Credit Creation! 

THE BRADBURY Coming to the Rescue – to solve social, political and economic issues

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Growth of Credit over Cash since 1943

The Bradbury Pound to the Rescue! 

A little known historical precedent that will stop the criminal debt-creating banksters well and truly in their tracks!

Central Banks – the Irresponsible Institutions

The completely contrived and planned global debt bubble is rapidly becoming unsustainable and will burst at some point very soon bringing with it a financial meltdown on a scale never before seen.   It’s now clear from whistleblowers and researchers that the cabal that makes up the debt-creating banking elite, with their global network of central banks (including the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve) led by their little known Bank for International Settlements (BIS), has a well laid plan to collapse the world’s economy.

One World Debt-Based Currency – the mechanism for Global Slavery

The plan, using unsustainable and unlawful debt to collapse the major currencies of the world, is well advanced.   It’s all about the banking elite’s long term goal to create a centralised and global electronic currency – a currency that will inevitably lead to the reality of a cashless world where complete Orwellian control decides who gets paid and who doesn’t! Continue reading

‘OPEN CORPORATES’ open the gates to 834 Royal Charter Companies – the ticket to immunity from prosecution

English: Sealing of the Bank of England Charte... is this remarkable Open Database of the Corporate World.

This link takes you to 3,059,982 active companies in the UK and reveals 19 different company types. The last one is Royal Charter Company.

This link takes you to 834 Royal Charter CompaniesNearly all were registered on 1 Jan 1981 and comprise:

  1. The Bank of England (1 Jan 1981 – )
  2. Universities and Colleges
  3. Schools and Academies
  4. Banks
  5. The British Broadcasting Corporation
  6. The British Council
  7. Lots of ‘Chartered’ institutes and societies
  8. Hospitals and Lunatic Asylums
  9. Professional Institutes and Institutions
  10. Companies and Societies
  11. Libraries and Museums
  12. Clubs and Associations
  13. Unions, Committees and Councils…

If you are not familiar with the significance of Royal Charters, please click on Royal Charters – the ticket to Immunity from Prosecution. Continue reading

Completely brilliant video rap: Money from Nothing

Concentrated Consciousness on produced this exquisite rap on video:

Pieces of paper devalue one’s labour
printing press process cuts like a saber
through the worth of the sweat – off of one’s brow
in the form of a system we have allowed
through default of inheritance – to continue
to create money from nothing… and this for a fee!

The economics of banking and legal tender
esoteric complexities which typically render
most individuals dazed and confused
clueless about this system we use
on a daily basis – throughout our lives
an idea we’ve been sold… and continue to buy.

Continue reading

The Money Scam: Alex Jones says it in 59 slides

The Money Scam are 59 slides, relating to Dollars and in American, explaining how banks

  • create credit from thin air and call it “money”
  • sell it at interest, and especially to the governments of Nations
  • expropriate real value from the real economy and real value…

and how we, the people, need to wake up!

Slide 58 says that the National Debt is the amount that the central bank has been stealing. So, according to the Bank of England Act 1694, the Bank of England should pay the Treasury 3 times the National Debt!

Supposedly produced by Alex Jones, one of the most vociferous American radio journalists.

Money supply is in the air of the FT

This letter in the FT recommends quantitative easing (the printing of Credit money by the Bank of England) and led me to Tim Congdon and his consultancy International Monetary Research Ltd.

It is most interesting how he watches and interprets the money supply and certainly knows how to distinguish between the Treasury and the Bank of England.

This is what I wrote to him:

Dear Prof. Congdon

Your letter in the FT sparked so much interest in me that I comment on it on one of my blogs here.

I have also studied your website and would love to add to your insights from my perspective as a mathematician and systems analyst, formerly at CERN in Geneva.

The fact that you watch the money supply and its growth is most intriguing to me. That you manage to turn it into advice to clients is downright impressive!

If you were to read Green Credit for Green Purposes which we submitted to the Treasury Select Committee in response to the Stern Review, you would see that we recommend the Cash : Credit ratio as a measure that needs to be taken and redressed. By Cash I mean M0 and Credit refers to M4.

The real problem is that nobody creates the interest necessary to pay for M4. Hence people need to borrow and borrow to pay interest upon interest.

If you were to take an interest in our perspective, I would be glad to hear from you!