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#MoneyCreation debated by MPs 320 years after the #BoEAct1694

English: The expansion of $100 through fractio...

English: The expansion of $100 through fractional-reserve lending at varying rates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The writers of the Bank of England Act 1694 had the intention

to avoid the serious oppression of Their Majesties’ subjects.

Hence they didn’t allow the Corporation to trade. Should it trade after all, it would have to pay as punishment:

treble the value of the trade.

In theory, this means that the BoE would have to pay the Treasury treble the value of all national and public debt bonds!

Will MPs appreciate this when they debate ‘money creation and society’ this Thursday as part of Backbench Business?

See   Parliament Debate, including the link to watching the debate live .

Further info on Facebook and  these Google results.


Congressman Ron Paul Announces Hearing on Monetary Policy and Rising Prices

Thank god there is someone who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the problems of creating credit as “money” AND has the power to do something about it!

Here’s a good beginning: a meeting of the Domestic Monetary Policy Committee that Ron Paul chairs.

Banking, Finance and the Money System

There’s a 39-page document that landed in my mailbox. Whilst it has been compiled with Australians in mind, it applies to absolutely everybody in our world. After all, “globalisation” is the name of the game…