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‘OPEN CORPORATES’ open the gates to 834 Royal Charter Companies – the ticket to immunity from prosecution

English: Sealing of the Bank of England Charte... is this remarkable Open Database of the Corporate World.

This link takes you to 3,059,982 active companies in the UK and reveals 19 different company types. The last one is Royal Charter Company.

This link takes you to 834 Royal Charter CompaniesNearly all were registered on 1 Jan 1981 and comprise:

  1. The Bank of England (1 Jan 1981 – )
  2. Universities and Colleges
  3. Schools and Academies
  4. Banks
  5. The British Broadcasting Corporation
  6. The British Council
  7. Lots of ‘Chartered’ institutes and societies
  8. Hospitals and Lunatic Asylums
  9. Professional Institutes and Institutions
  10. Companies and Societies
  11. Libraries and Museums
  12. Clubs and Associations
  13. Unions, Committees and Councils…

If you are not familiar with the significance of Royal Charters, please click on Royal Charters – the ticket to Immunity from Prosecution. Continue reading


Theft through Interest and Compounded Interest on National Debts

In this video, retired teacher Bill Abram expresses his analysis and outrage over the Crime of the Canadian Banking System.

He points out that the Canadian as well as the US constitution contain the right of creating money to be reserved to the Government.

But, as more and more people begin to realise: successive governments have gradually given that power to private central banks and bankers.

We should not have a national debt!

But national or public debts have become commonplace for every national government.

Public Cash for the Real Economy – the ultimate request, by online petition

This is yet another attempt to put a complex story into nickel words. Triggered by the idea of a BlogPaper, i.e. turning into print depending on how the online community rates and comments.

Support Iceland against the Financial Blackmail of the British and Dutch Governments and the IMF

“The spin is failing because people around the world are finally starting to hear our side of the story, and other suppressed nations have perhaps seen this as a sign that they can also rise up against the corpocracy in our world where those with the money have as a rule always won. Let’s hope the nation will not been coaxed into fear of isolation and let’s hope the people of the world will join in this experiment of letting the interest of the peoples rise above the interests of banks, corporations, and international bullies such as the IMF. We need your support. I will soon issue a comprehensive report on the entire Icesave saga.”

Call To The People Of The World
To Support Iceland
Against The Financial Blackmail Of The
British And Dutch Governments And The IMF

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National banking and “illegal money”

There is a remarkable petition to the Prime Minister which spells out in a nutshell what monetary reformers have been saying, writing and videoing about for decades:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop the Bank of England from producing illegal money, stop fractional reserve banking and create a nationalised bank.

Whilst promoting it, I was asked about “illegal” and spelled my analysis out as part of the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694. The act was written with the intent “not to oppress Their Majesties’ subjects!”

It seems that this good intention has not been translated into reality over the three centuries since…

Tackling the Oppression of HM Subjects

In 1694, the authors of the Bank of England Act anticipated that the power to create currency may be abused to oppress HM subjects. Hence they foresaw punishment at least for the Corporation.

What they did not foresee is the punishment of all the institutions that depend on the Bank of England.

One such institution is the London School of Economics where Her Majesty asked recently: why didn’t anybody see it coming? Well, here is an interesting answer from Thomas Palley who advocates Economics for Democratic & Open Societies.

Meanwhile we all endure this nearly 100% dependency on central bankers in general and the BoE in particular: everybody needs money that banks, under the supervision of the BoE, issue as interest-bearing credit. We need money to survive, as we don’t find our own food. We need money from jobs, but institutions and corporations are failing us, even pension funds.

Self-employment or entrepreneurship is advocated in theory but not in practice. (I write from bitter experiences.)

And thus we end up not only being oppressed by the Bank of England but by all the institutions that use Sterling to finance jobs.

And that’s when power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely: in addition to bankers, lawyers, solicitors, judges, insolvency practitioners abuse the law and get away with white collar crime not only to oppress but to exploit and be violent.

Once upon a time a wise Lord said that the UK has not had a revolution because the Lords always beeing thinking long term… Well, the City has succeeded in making them disappear, too.

What next?

We can only help each other to be vigilant and supportive. Hence we started to collect “evidence of oppression” by the banking system on

Of course they are only symbolic and indicative of the tip of an iceberg of unprecedented economic violence and institutional injustice. But at least they are there. May they encourage others to follow suit.

A small victory over bailiffs

This BBC story reports that bailiffs have to behave after all. Thank god, not only I was appalled at the idea that they were given rights to use physical force!