Social Business & the Future of Capitalism

This is the subtitle of “Creating a World without Poverty” by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

The book criticises institutions that have failed to alleviate poverty or make development work.

And since institutions are notoriously slow, the only sensible option for creative and entrepreneurial people is ‘social business‘.

More relating to Dr. Yunus on YuNuSphere.

4 responses to “Social Business & the Future of Capitalism

  1. Sabine, What I can’t figure is why nobody in the UK has any interest in those doing it.


  2. I believe that there are actually not many people who are interested in making it happen. Only those who are “in it” – BUT a la ‘social enterprise’. NOT a la ‘social business’. The ethics of the money-men in the UK are not ‘pure’, in my observation…


  3. Sabine, if you of all people can’t hear what I’m saying then I despair. We deploy an earned income strategy which is a non loss non dividend distributing model which is focussed on leveraging investment to tackle poverty in Ukraine particularly for those children disabled and hidden away in institutions.

    It doesn’t have a Yunus brand on it because we’ve been doing it independently since 1996 when the p-ced model was conceived. That was for at least 50% of profit to be invested in community, with the remainder retained for company growth. It was deployed informally to source the Tomsk initiative in 1999 and became a UK registered business in 2004.

    In you guestbook I’ve related how the strategy plan we created in 2006 was described to those who now offer it to others as their creation.
    We may not be big investors but we have created tangible impact, which it seems others are determined not to see.

    The author of this has a serious illness, I now battle leukaemia but above all, thousands of children suffer in conditions such as we describe below.

    If hubris denies us support then it also condemn the future of all such children.

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