Submissions to the Treasury Select Committee

The human rights lawyer whose bills were sponsored by the grandseigneur of all monetary reformers James Gibb Stuart, studied our document Sovereignty & Seignorage, before advising us to “go for Parliamentary scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee“. This objective is highlighted on our latest blog in the name of the Forum for Stable Currencies.

Since the Committee had just invited written evidence in response to the Stern Report, we submitted Green Credit for Green Purposes – Changing the Cash : Credit Ratio in the Money Supply to Ameliorate Climate Change. This was published as part of their report Climate change and the Stern Review: the implications for Treasury policy – one year after the inquiry.

Instead of being invited to give oral evidence, we were asked to submit a supplementary memo The Stick of Green Taxation v the Carrot of Green Funding. This document was not published.

Repeated requests for meeting the Chairman were denied, even though I gave him personally a copy of Muhammad Yunus‘ book “Creating a World without Poverty – Social Business and the Future of Capitalism”, when he agreed verbally to a meeting.

Our latest submission was our response to the inquiry into the banking crisis. This was published as number 67 in the second of their now three volumes presenting all 78 submissions that can be found here.

An extra eight submissions seem to have emerged after the deadline…

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