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THE PEOPLE’s ASSEMBLY against Austerity: nearly 4,000 registered this Saturday Central London

13 06 21 AusterityThis is a remarkable event with a most necessary agenda: The People’s Assembly against Austerity.

And they don’t even know about the obvious solution, for people in general simply don’t understand the complexity – because ‘economics’ has been created to camouflage what bankers and central bankers are doing:

  • what money is: Cash and Credit
  • that bankers [who issue the Credit] determine what happens in an economy
  • that governments have ‘forgotten’ about their monopoly to issue Cash as interest-free money
  • that the budgets of governments always have a large component to pay ‘interest payments’


The solution is the Bradbury Pound that was issued 99 years ago as a precedent for what should have been happening ever since.

A campaign to bring back the Bradbury Pound for its 100th anniversary has begun.


‘OPEN CORPORATES’ open the gates to 834 Royal Charter Companies – the ticket to immunity from prosecution

English: Sealing of the Bank of England Charte...

www.OpenCorporates.com is this remarkable Open Database of the Corporate World.

This link takes you to 3,059,982 active companies in the UK and reveals 19 different company types. The last one is Royal Charter Company.

This link takes you to 834 Royal Charter CompaniesNearly all were registered on 1 Jan 1981 and comprise:

  1. The Bank of England (1 Jan 1981 – )
  2. Universities and Colleges
  3. Schools and Academies
  4. Banks
  5. The British Broadcasting Corporation
  6. The British Council
  7. Lots of ‘Chartered’ institutes and societies
  8. Hospitals and Lunatic Asylums
  9. Professional Institutes and Institutions
  10. Companies and Societies
  11. Libraries and Museums
  12. Clubs and Associations
  13. Unions, Committees and Councils…

If you are not familiar with the significance of Royal Charters, please click on Royal Charters – the ticket to Immunity from Prosecution. Continue reading

GERMAN Video with English Links about the New World Order

www.klagemauer.tv [wailing wall], a remarkable global news agency, published in Switzerland, that presents online news very smartly in mainstream media style.

This video contains the following stories [the links take you to different but English stories]:

  1. Rothschild’s $200 million bet regarding the demise of the Euro
  2. The Bank of North Dakota as a state-owned bank for the state’s citizens
  3. A few families rule the World
  4. Who rules money?

Fascinating are the differences in language, implied by German and English. I.e. the German word for ‘citizen’ implies the ‘guarantee’ for debts! The German for ‘debt’ is the same as for ‘guilt’. The German for ‘interest’ is very different from paying interest and having an interest.

  • Nice cartoons illustrate how 98% (rather than 97) Credit [created by banks at interest] and 2% (rather than 3%) Cash [created by governments interest-free] are the money in circulation.

It’s Time to Fix Banking – a Petition in the Right Direction…

English: A crowd forms on Wall Street during t...

English: A crowd forms on Wall Street during the Bankers Panic of 1907. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s nice to see when ‘beginners’ in monetary reform tackle our systemic money problems, by tackling the banking issue. Here are the four simple demands that 38 Degrees have formulated in their petition It’s Time to Fix Banking:

Dear Banking Committee

Please hold the banks to account for the way they’ve behaved. The scandals need to stop. You need to make sure:

  • Banks put customers first, not bankers
  • There are tougher rules to keep banks in line
  • There are proper punishments for bankers who break them
  • It’s easier for us to move to a different bank when we want to.

But no banking regulation and no punishment of bankers will change

  • the Government’s dependence on public debts
  • the Government’s unwillingness to spend the Cash that it can print and mint into the economy
  • the Government’s willingness to bail out banks rather than businesses…

And thus we know better than ever: money rules the world, as created by banks, not in the spirit of the writers of the Bank of England Act 1694 though!

Crowdfunding: the smarter way of letting ‘money’ circulate than institutionalised funding

Thanks to the web and net, institutions lose their credibility. In my observation, this applies to governments, banks, the judiciary, Social Services and the Police as well as governmental funding agencies.

Comes along the next generation with programming skills and a spirit of enterprise and crowdfunding is born. Of course, it is earlier / bigger / better in the US, but in the UK there are supposed to be 44 platforms available, too. A most comprehensive US site is crowdsourcing with excellent reports.

The cultural and thus institutional attitude to “money” differs widely between the US and the UK. But neither ultimately appreciate the dishonesty of turning credit from thin air [bank generated at a price] into cash [government generated interest-free].

When inventors, artists and entrepreneurs discover that neither funding nor the protection of their Intellectual Property (IP) work, because it’s all only made for institutions and big companies, everybody must rejoice in these online alternatives. Here’s an excellent UK directory.

Pied Pipers, Emperor’s New Clothes and Lemmings – the Essence of Money Creation in Banks

HBOS Whistleblower Paul Moore on video – produced by Positive Money. He quotes a saleswoman who said we can never attain our targets if we tried to sell ‘ethically’…

Whoever began to think about ‘financial products’ and sell them???

‘Money’ has ceased to be a medium of exchange as well as a store of value. It’s just become a tool to make money out of money: a deadly sin in Islam!
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Evolution beyond Money: Money as Debt part III

Paul Grignon produced Part I and Part II of Money as Debt.

This Part III is the most lucid of all. It points to:

  1. the main cause of paying ‘interest’
  2. the ‘interest’ not being generated by anybody
  3. the man with the money has enslaved the man without it – just like the real world
  4. ‘flow’ is the real measure of economic activity
  5. what is ‘flowing’, is credit or ‘promises to pay’
  6. money = promises of future productive work
  7. interest= reduced future spending power.

Money is lent twice.

  1. first we borrow ‘money’
  2. then we borrow ‘money’ to pay ‘interest’.