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Cryptos vs Banksters [& the Bankers are Losing!] @clif_high What are @CurrencyNews @money #wealth?

This interview with Clif High illustrates an ‘interesting’ state of knowledge or the absence of understanding the essence of the original purpose of ‘currency’ as ‘money’ to facilitate trade:

  1. accumulating material wealth is priority;
  2. ‘currency’ is not a medium of exchange but a ‘store of value;
  3. electronic ‘coins’ are being created for that very purpose – preferably by web bots.

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Global Pool of Money Got Too Hungry

This audio is called All Things Considered and is a shorter version of The Giant Pool of Money. It is the result of investigative journalism and thus addresses the ‘general reader’.

In fact, it explains the ‘global money supply’, i.e. the money taps for each of the currencies put together into one big tap.