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GERMAN Video with English Links about the New World Order

www.klagemauer.tv [wailing wall], a remarkable global news agency, published in Switzerland, that presents online news very smartly in mainstream media style.

This video contains the following stories [the links take you to different but English stories]:

  1. Rothschild’s $200 million bet regarding the demise of the Euro
  2. The Bank of North Dakota as a state-owned bank for the state’s citizens
  3. A few families rule the World
  4. Who rules money?

Fascinating are the differences in language, implied by German and English. I.e. the German word for ‘citizen’ implies the ‘guarantee’ for debts! The German for ‘debt’ is the same as for ‘guilt’. The German for ‘interest’ is very different from paying interest and having an interest.

  • Nice cartoons illustrate how 98% (rather than 97) Credit [created by banks at interest] and 2% (rather than 3%) Cash [created by governments interest-free] are the money in circulation.

Legalized Usury and a Selfish Society

Peter Maurin (1877 – 1949) was a remarkable Catholic teacher and activist who wrote fascinating Easy Essays.

Six of these fall under the heading of Legalized Usury:

  1. God and Mammon
  2. Usurers are not Gentlemen
  3. Wealth-Producing Maniacs
  4. Mortgaged
  5. The Fallacy of Saving
  6. Avoiding Inflation

Another quote by him says:
Interest doesn’t interest me
but principle does interest me.

Modern man maintains that enlightened self-interest
is the way to see that society governs itself
But the self-interest is no longer enlightened and
no one is remembering principle.
When interest becomes the only principle,
what we get is a selfish society.