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THE PINNACLE of Perfidious Albion: George Osborne mounts legal challenge to Robin Hood Tax

13 05 03 Facebook_RHTFrom the co-ordinator of the Robin Hood Tax campaign: “Unbelievably, the UK has mounted a legal challenge to the 11 European countries who are now moving forward to introduce an FTT worth a potential 40 billion euros in 2014. My first message to you is to ask that you to join onto an urgent action to George Osborne to get the UK government to drop this legal challenge.

As a quick bit of context, as of Jan 22nd this year the campaign made a serious breakthrough when European Finance Ministers approved that the FTT could be implemented by 11 countries under a rarely used procedure called “Enhanced Cooperation”. This means that the countries like the UK that are against FTT progress have effectively been sidelined. This jolted the financial sector lobby into action and they have started attacking the FTT in the media on a regular basis. Continue reading


Robin Hood comes to Westminster

On Wednesday February 24th your MP can listen to a Briefing on the Robin Hood Tax.

Go here to contact your MP, especially to sign Early Day Motion 913.

It serves as a register of MPs so that we can check who’s merry and who isn’t!

Goldman Sachs vs Robin Hood

I had noticed the increase in NO votes to the Robin Hood Tax and was obviously surprised, wondering who might hack the vote… Just like the Tobin Tax, the Robin Hood Tax is a levy on financial transactions, but a fundraising exercise for public purposes: poverty and climate change.

Would you have thought that the vote rigging would trace back to a computer at Goldman Sachs???

Just google and you will see how this was obviously the best publicity the campaign could have wished for.

You can also visit the page that I put together to keep track of some of the repercussions.

Updates on the campaign here.