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How monetary reform has become a criminal activity


norfed1 (Photo credit: pbarnhart_cedarpark)

Sooo many people see through the veil of camouflage surrounding the creation of money.

One of them is Bernard von NotHaus, the creator of Liberty Dollars.

RealEconTV has published a related article that appeared in the New York Times and a video.

The questions are:


Ron Paul’s potential questions for Ben Bernanke – Hope for “us the people”?

This text came from GATA, the excellent Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee:

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s former research assistant, the economist Gary North, this week joined most of the rest of the civilized world in delighting that Paul soon may be in charge of the questions put to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke by the House Monetary Policy Subcommittee. In an essay posted at Lew Rockwell’s Internet site, North offers a few potential questions while acknowledging that there will be many more good ones aimed at exploding the secrecy of the least accountable and most totalitarian agency of the the U.S. government. North’s essay is headlined “Ron Paul’s Questions for Ben Bernanke” and you can find it here.