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GLOBAL ELITES THROWN OUT OF ICELAND: Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t, then Arrests Rothschild Bankers

Iceland obtains Debt ForgivenessNow here’s good news for a change: the Icelandic people not only overthrow their government but also write a new constitution and arrest the bankers responsible for the crisis!

The American FreeDumb Nation blog reports.


Bill Moyers on Occupy Wall Street

This video shows the dilemma: individuals only count as consumers, voters and, possibly, as demonstrators.

What else is there to do? How can “we, the people” stop what Occupiers identify:

  • the 1% have dominant political power over both parties
  • Bill Black, a senior federal regulator and lecturer in economics and law, who says that what we have is

recurrent intensifying financial crises, driven by elite fraud, and now it’s done with almost absolute impunity.

We seem to have lost our capacity for outrage.

To me, Bill Black’s level of analysis is more relevant than Bill Moyers’. But nearly everybody seems to have a hard time getting to the essence of what money is and who creates it – for what purpose…

A massive financial con trick foisted on the voters – by the dictators of the West

Robert Fisk would call a spade a spade in his article The bankers are the dictators of the West:

  • he asks his collegues in Wall Street why they don’t report ‘properly’
  • he blames Western governments for giving their power to banks, derivatives traders and rating agencies
  • he points to the “slovenly and dishonest coterie of experts from America’s top universities and think tanks”.

Maybe 2012 will become the year of enlightenment when enough people will realise the con tricks in operation, ever since the first central banks were created in Sweden and the UK:

  • the creation of “credit” from thin air that is being sold as “money” – but at interest
  • the deadly embrace between central banks and national treasuries
  • the complete con and illusion that governments are entitled to take “taxpayers’ money” in order to spend it.

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Lord Monckton: End of Democracy in England – Alex Jones Report

A word from Lord Christopher Monckton. The money power is playing for all the marbles. And that has been the game plan all along. The Brits better wake up—-SOON…

Lord Monckton : End of Democracy in England – Alex Jones Report
Part 1 15:18

Part 2 9:52

Part 3 12:13

Dishonest Money questioned by Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve

This website and this video have made my day, for they act on the victims as EFFECTS and against the Fed as the CAUSE of our dishonest money system. “Dishonest Money” is actually the title of an American book that outlines the dishonest quality of “money” that has been hijacked from nation states by private banks.

4closure for Fraud is a site that highlights the problems of home repossessions in America. Their efforts paid off when Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum began investigating whether Florida’s largest foreclosure firms had submitted false affidavits and other documents in order to obtain final judgments against property owners.

Same circus, different clowns as we’ve watched in the UK (see Victims Unite!:

  • “Potentially fabricated documents”
  • many with signatures they believe are forged
  • “suspicious documents”.

Now sponsored by a law firm, 4closureFraud.org gets 100,000 views a month, including visitors from the White House, the US Justice Department, the US State Deparment, the International Monetary Frund and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

And thanks to their Warrior Lawyers, a class action against the Fed is in preparation!

The Contact page lists 9 interesting traps for victims to consider!

The empire of corporate and financial aristocracy is asserting itself increasingly and more blatantly as a dictatorship of Capital

The title is a sentence in this excellent article published by wonderful Global Research.

So where is the democracy? Austerity budgets imposed against public will, a deficit substantially increased from a royal pageant imposed without democratic consultation, and war expenses loaded on to the suffering public – even though these wars are opposed by the majority of voters.

But the royal wedding is not just a peculiar Big Day for the seemingly quaint House of Windsor. It is in many ways a celebration of the dictatorship of global Capital over democracy in Britain and elsewhere around the world, including the ‘Republic of the USA”. As the assorted global dictators assembled in London’s  Westminster Abbey might say in harmony with the happy couple: “Till death do us part”.

We cannot allow these globalist people to be running the world anymore; they have no right to govern this planet any longer.” Yoichi Shimatsu

Yoichi Shimatsu former editor of the weekly Japan Times is interviewed on Rense Radio, discussing the dire situation of Fukushima, saying the the sea emissions, alone could lead to the largest mammalian extinction event since the Stone Age, where the oceans’ dolphins and whales could go the way of the  woolly mammoth, the saber-toothed cats and the American camel.

Shiumatsu concludes:

“… we cannot allow these globalist people to be running the world anymore, I mean look at what they are doing, they are on a death wish, they are in denial, they have no right to govern this planet any longer.” — Yoichi Shimatsu